3* or lower DPS both ST and AOE NP

Nerofest give me a lot of blaze of wisdom, so I decide to raise my low rarity servant. I want to try use 3* or lower only team. So I want to ask if i want to have DPS from every class both ST and AOE NP, who should I raise?

Note : My max leveled (Arash, Shakespeare, Hans, Mozart, St. George, Leonidas, Spartacus, Cu Proto, Euryale, Robin Hood, Medusa, Medea, Bunyan)

Rider: Ushi. Alexander if you want another AoE, he’s slightly stronger than Medusa and with party support, but no battery.

Saber: Caesar/Bedivere and Fergus

Lancer: Cu regular/Jaguar Warrior and Romulus/Hektor

Berserker: Lu Bu. You’ve already got several AoE, but Bloodaxe and Kiyo are good for AoE as well.

Archer: Touta/Kid Gil for AoE besides Arash.

Caster: Babbage

Assassin: Mixed bag, depending on whether you want stargen (Cursed Arm), utility (Fuuma) or NP dmg (Jing Ke). For AoE, 3* Assassins are so sad you’re better off using another class. But you can (barely) use Fuuma if you have to.

Avenger: Only Angry Angra.

ST Saber: Bedivere if you have him at NP2+. Caesar does well enough as a DPS, but he’s more a support.
AoE Saber: Fergus is your only option, really. He’s actually very strong, but can have trouble charging his NP in a team context (gorilla deck).

ST Archer: You have Robin already. But if you want someone else, Billy is great with his NP battery. While not really a DPS, you shouldn’t neglect David. Harp of Healing FTW.
AoE Archer: Touta is getting his NP upgrade soon. He has a good mix of offensive and defensive tools.

ST Lancer: Taiga hits very hard, but she’s story locked, so you may not have her at high NP level. Original Cu is an incredibly good servant, and can deal more damage than his peers over time thanks to his survavility.
AoE Lancer: Hektor and Romulus are rather comparable. I’d give the edge to Hektor since he already has his NP upgrade. Proof of Friendship is actually pretty good for harder quests.

ST Rider: Ushi, hands down.
AoE Rider: You have Medusa already. But you could raise Alex’ to support her.

ST/AoE Caster: With his upgrades, Babbage is hitting the hardes.

ST Assassin: Jing Ke for burst damage, Hundred Faces for more damage over time (NP loops).
AoE Assassin: Even though he’s a support, Kotaro is your best shot. But if you want to become a memelord with Phantom, be my guest.

ST Zerk: Lu Bu, please. His damage is disgusting.
AoE Zerk: You have Spartacus and he’s about the best for that role thanks to his NP battery. Darius and Erik are also very good, if you have the CEs supports to help them charge their bar.

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Rider: Definitely Ushi for ST and Medusa for AOE.

Saber: Bedivere for ST and Fergus for AOE

Lancer: Jaguar Warrior for ST and Hektor for AOE

Berserker: Lu Bu for ST and Kiyo for AOE

Archer: Billy if you want another ST and Kid Gil if you want another AOE

Caster: Babbage for AOE

Assasin: For Arts teams hundred personas makes a really good dps, but Jing Ke is a good ST nuker for quick teams. There are no good AOE DPS assasins

Saber ST - Bedi
Saber Aoe - Fergus
Lancer ST - Cu
Zerker ST - Do not pursue Lu bu
Zerker AOE - Bloodaxe
Archer ST - Billy the Crit
Archer AOE - Rice field
Caster ST - none besides Medea
Caster AOE - Babbage
Assassin ST - Regend
Assassin AOE - Fuuma
Rider ST - Ushi
Rider AOE - Medusa
Avenger - Angry Mango

Tawara is a strong recommend here as a farmer, his special bonus damage comes into effect a lot (anti Demonic) in event farming situations.

Roma is the hardest hitting Aoe 3* lancer currently available IF (and that’s a big if) Imperial privilege processes the atk buff. Without that atk buff Hector wins out. Hector is more consistent and has a more difficult to find party buff for low rarity servants

As for Caster - Paracelsus is a strong recommend if you run a lot of arts teams, his strengthening that makes him one the best arts supports regardless of tier comes early - mid next year. Hint -start working on his 3rd skill. Weak np but strong enough to clear basic assassin nodes. If you’re after raw damage Babbage is the pick

Thanks for your advice. now i know who get priority first.
Unfortunately my Bedivere and Jaguar Warrior have low NP level (NP2 & NP3).