3 turn farming for QP/Ember

Hi! My Arash has recently retired and I am now looking for a new 3 turn setup for ember and QP farming. Would like to hear your suggestions on what teams I could use.
CEs: 3 regular kscope
1 MLB imaginary element
Right now I am using these fran, kiyohime/medusa and spartacus to 3 turn and I noticed that spartacus can barely clear the first wave unbuffed. I heard that he should be able to clear it unbuff so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I do have all the bronze and silver levelled so if you have a more efficient method i’d welcome the suggestion . Thank you.

Sparty’s has his own buff which is plenty for qp at least. I haven’t had to farm embers for a long time so haven’t been there since I started using sparty.

For qp 3T right now I’m using sparty, Medusa, chacha (maxed battery) all with kscope. For a while I had Ishtar instead of chacha with mages assoc and her buff that worked for all 3T, but I wanted to level up MC other than mages assoc. I’ve used np2 Nitocris as well, but she needs a buff if she misses the gold door on death (maxed foxes wedding is either enough or within reliable face card completion.


If you have a Kscope to e.g. slot in a Bunyan/Eric/Darius/Kiyo, as you do, it becomes even more flexible. TBH with 3 scopes Sparty/Fran are replaceable with the aforementioned as well as with Alex, and Teach (my current run is a facecardy 4/5 Ozy/Bunyan/Teach, would be 3T with higher leveled Bunyan skills).
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I really regret maxing my rubber suit early on. I feel like I’m wasting exp when using it for farming.

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Have you maxed out Spartacus’s atk with fou cards? He should have 6073 attack without any ce’s yet yours only has 6009 and that’s with a Kaleidoscope that has pure attack stats. Also you’re missing some damage by not leveling up that 3rd skill.

Yeah, my 1K ATK Fou -/10/9 Sparty was able to clear Hands/Doors easily before he became L70 10/10/10.

Similarly: Darius only requires max level; Kiyo, max level, Fous, buff her third skill a bit; Blackbeard is fine at like 6/6/- I think given his powerful in-kit steroids before e.g. Ozy support; Eric just needs max level, Supporting Curse raised a bit, and max Fous for all of the assurance.

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I use Blackbeard and he can clear W1 of the doors when QP farming without any of his skills, every single time. That’s just at max level, no attack Fous.

Here’s my all-purpose 3 turn team:

Max fou on Bunyan and Arash. Support Waver or Merlin. Bunyan’s buster buff lasts 3 turns and benefits everyone.

Since Arash is unavailable in your case, you’ll have to use combat uniforn to order switch someone in. Maybe try a team of Kiyohime/Medusa/Chacha, Spartac, bunyan (all 3 with kaleid or mlb element), support battery, whomever else for bond points.
Medusa or Spartac use their battery and hit wave 1, swap them out with support, use support’s np buffs, then NP away? Or along those lines.

I like to switch mine up from time to time. I used Kiyo-Sparta-Chacha with support waver for embers for the longest time and it worked, at least consistently 4 turning. I don’t have any Kaleidoscope CEs but what I use at the moment is:

Astolfo w/ 50% CE and maxed third skill
Iskandar w/ MLB IE
Rider Mordred w/ MLB IE
I have the mystic code that has the 20% NP gauge if I need it on Iskandar but have maybe only had to use it once in 3-4 weeks.

Nitocris w/ Black Grail CE
Any two of Salter/Arash/Karna with MLB IE as well. I have my Merlin in the backline to swap in if I need the extra NP charge. Not always super efficient but it’s fast enough, or easy enough to do while focusing on something else.

Oh nifty, so indeed I’ve always been overshooting as thought. Well, better yet, slap a scope and win with minimal investment.

Swap Arash for Medusa with IE and bring plugsuit.

also don’t use a Lv 60 Paracelsus

Alexander, Teach, and Bloodaxe can also clear doors with a Kscope. I like to pick Ozy because teamwide charge + charisma + strong facecards in case one of your servants lacks damage.

Along with prior comments, from your screenshot it looks like you haven’t done Sparty’s recent NP upgrade. I find with that and 3rd skill at 6 he’s powerful enough for general farming with a kscope, haven’t max foued.

I gave him fous and pretty muched fixed my first wave problems. I’ll probably upgrade his NP once the half ap rank up comes back.

Post-Arash farming is really hard.

IMO his SQs is one of the ones not worth putting off but I’m still putting off Eli’s first skill upgrade so lol I feel that.

Arash I still use even if it’s ‘wasted’ bond. Too dang useful in too many circumstances, not that I don’t switch him out when optimal.

Well you convinced me and the damage difference is noticeable.
Hopefully i’ve found my dailies team until they are max bond.
The moment that bond 11 update comes…Arash is going out of retirement.

A L60 with 1K Fou -/10/9 Sparty with 711 HNS (functionally replaceable with Aerial Drive/Golden Sumo tbh, just using that for convenience) does a min of 35,877 (max of 43K), easily enough to clear even W3 Doors. L60 max Fou -/6/1 with L20 Kscope deals 33K min (37K avg), so enough to clear W3… though I do recommend taking him to L100 10/10/10 -/10/9 because that extra charge allows him to hold more powerful/potentially L100 CE like the aforementioned trio, and 50% charge CE in general, it’s a very good break point. L9 B+ just adds to his consistency.

Max level NP2 Fran with 1K Fou and 786 scope will deal 30K min and 33K avg, guaranteeing a clear on W3/whenever.

Max level + fou NP5/typical 'dusa with 786 scope at -/1/- will deal 29K min and 32K avg, clearing any wave.

I of course would take Medusa’s steroid to at least 6 eventually since that will allow her to guaranteed clear various Free Quest nodes she’s valuable for farming on with Golden Sumo/Holy Night Supper post-Skadi, and I mentioned why I think Sparty’s good (allows him to farm a wider variety of maps), and Fran deserves all the love in the world because she’s a good girl too, but I ramble. Looks like you’re set for an NP->NP->NP 3T Door farm! \o/

Thanks for the in depth analysis. I can pretty much clear the doors reliably now. Before it took some RNG for me to 3 turns. I might raise Spartacus but the thing is the proofs are hard so I’m a little hesitant on using it on him. :joy::joy:

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If you want Proofs, Charlotte is a good place to farm. Also drops Dust, and you will virtually always need that! Even if you don’t want to though, it’s in the Counterfeit rerun lottery next Jan, so woooo.

Anyway, happy to help. ^^

I usually grab proofs at the Pirate Ship node in Okeanos. They drop like candy and it’s super easy to 3-turn just with Berserker facecards.

I’m assuming you don’t have any other np battery servants?

Also, idk if you don’t have the mats, or the qp, but you should consider raising skill levels. It makes a huge difference.

Have you used the combat uniform? If you grab an ozy support, you can switch him in with whomever get a 20% battery and attack up with him, and attack up with the combat uniform For The doors.

Roll with an all berserker line up with a friend waver and combat uniform for the hands.