350 CP Munchlax

I found a munchlaxa with 350 CP o gym. I need answer how is it possible?

Maybe it was hatched when the account was at a low level? not really sure if it works that way with eggs, but that would be my guess. Otherwise, hacking, but why would you hack for that? Plus, I would rather be the optimist in the situation and assume that it is the former rather than the latter.


Probably picked up from a 7K egg when the trainer was at a low level. or traded to/from them at that same level.

Best guess is an egg received by a low-level player. When building up my alt I managed to hatch a sub-L20 Shinx.

…In hindsight I probably should have kept it for flex points :sweat_smile:

If you trade with a low(er) level trainer the pokemon will be capped at the level (+2) of that trainer. You need to be at least level 10 (+2) to be able to trade.

So Munchlax could be level 12 that would be from 536 (0 IV) to 648 (100 IV)… After some time in the gym 350 would be possible but then why the heart is full…

The Pokemon inside an egg will be the same level as the player at the time of collection.

This player got an egg as a low level player and hatched it.

I have one too. Have an alt account.

The hatched Pokémon from the egg has the same level of the trainer, up to level 20. So, if you are level 1 trainer, the pokemon inside the egg is level 1 too, and so on


Found something similar a while ago at a gym near my house, I knew saving that screenshot would be useful one day

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this is my favorite

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They out here trying to hide the truth from us bro

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