3H complete theme "analysis" , or my impressions (HUGE SPOILERS)

So I’m not an expert and I never do it before, is just an hot boring afternoon

This is the analysis of the lyrics that you can hear during game’s credits, it contains a lot of spoilers , I want to specify that I didn’t see all the games plot, just some important parts (related just to Black Eagles )

So the song is sing by EDELGARD, that’s very important, because for the most it seems related to her point of view

Reach for my hand, I’ll soar away into the dawn, oh, I wish I could stay. Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn knowing time betrays.

Daylight’s passed through colored glass, in this beloved place. Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face.

As choice surrounds, come out of bounds and I can feel them breaking free. For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me.

Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become. My blackened heart, scorched by flames of force I can’t run from.

The first 4 part still the same as the main theme, they talk about peaceful days, before the conflict. However we can see something interesting in the 4 part, it talks about a"mask " and "the forces of flame "…well actually in the game there is a character with this peculiarities: the emperor of flames , and here is the first thing related to El, actually the EoF is she! Yes, is confirmed. In game the purpose of El is obliterate the Church of Sairos, (that from her point of view, the church abuses of its power ) , but she can’t do it herself, it would send the Adrestian empire under a bad position, that’s why she uses a mask

As I live out each peaceful days
Deep in my soul, oh, I know I can’t stay.
So I wish I could hide away,
hold tight to what I love
Keep cruel fait at bay
What we learnt from FB, is actually important, here we can see the desire of a normal life for El

As the rain falls on the path
I chase your shadow
I don’t feel a single drop
On the ground below
(Maybe related to Jeralt death )

Then you turn to me, and I stop before I know
And the lie upon my lips, I let them go

Cross my heart, making vows I know will be betrayed.
A sad girl pleas ,live only for a breath
and then they fade
Again, the weight of Crown , ignoble things that our protagonist have to do for their goals

Don’t ever take back your kind hand
Lest precious love slip away like time sand

Only we know, all that was lost.
Scars that we can’t erase show us
True cost
(Personallymy favourite part ) so I thought that this is may related at the in unconscious awareness to already know what is the cost of their actions,they will inevitably hurts innocent people

The blue moonlight cuts across our sight
As pure and clear as a ringing bell
Reaching for us in the night

As the wind calms my thoughts
I hold strong on terrace
I feel at peace
Carried away by winds’s song
The repetitive feeling of responsibility that soffocates the true El, an El that just wants to relax but can’t because of her crown, for a greater good. all our protagonist have to sacrifice their true selfs

Open the door
and walk away
Never give into the call of yesterday
Memories that made those days sublime
These ruined halls and tombs
Stollen time

I’m sorry if you was expecting more, but I’d never do it before (neither in Italian ) , hope you can still enjoyed this ,and let me know your thoughts about this, I’m very curious ^^

Here is the link to the song,listen to this,is beutiful

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