3rd Anniversary GSSR

As it is now June, we are hopefully less than a month away for the GSSR. Whenever that is. Anyone else excited for this banner? What are your plans for the upcoming GSSR? Which class banner are you going for.

For those, interested, I’ve added the list below

  • Saber
  • Archer
  • Lancer
  • Rider
  • Caster
  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Extra

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Personally, I’m personally going for the extra banner class. The chance to get a Salieri plus the fact that there’s only 1 non-limited servant on their gives a high chance for me of getting someone new or top tier.

Edit: Added the GSSR jackpot calculator from inkaflare


Going for Extra to try for Melt, Hokusai, Abby, Kiara, or Okita Alter. Melt or Hokusai especially.

I’m a bit sad because I want to go the Saber route and try for Musashi but the Extra banner has much better odds of getting what I want + Melt and Hokusai are just as high of priority pulls for me as Musashi is.


Extra for me, any chance to get Okitan is worth it :fgo_meltbirb:

I’d be okay with getting any of them though tbh, except Amakusa because I don’t really care for him and I want someone new


I’m not rolling in GSSR, just came here to suggest if this kind of thread can get pinned?
The next GGSR have more banner (each class) than new year (only 2 combined banner), so i guess we will get a lot of thread asking for GSSR advice.


Well its my only chance to Scathach for like ever, i don’t see a banner for her thats not a GSSR, unless i missed one. I probably missed one. Plus I don’t overly need or want anything out of the extra. Dantes would be nice but thats predicated on Skadi actually coming home, the rest don’t really excite me.

God this is so hard for me because im double dipping in so many pools. Extra probably has the most value for me as i only have Abby, Melt, and Sherlock. But i dont really need anyone in that pool per se except Jalter and Dantes as i need a 5 star Avenger. Saber is a dead class to me, I have every saber except Sigurd(because hes not out yet in NA lol) the king arthurs, and Nero Bride. Archers hold no interest for me except for Archer Artoria, already have Ishtar and Gil so i need some single target. I only want Scathach from lancer, anything else would disappoint me greatly. I honestly would take any of the riders except for Broskandar, and i really dont want NP2 Quetz or Drake. Caster is where all the smoke is, (at least for me) Anastasia my waifu, Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, and Da Vinci. Good prospects there. Nothing in Assasin for me so move on. And Nothing for me in Berserker except for MhXa but im not risking getting her on a non rate up pool.

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I’m conflicted between the Assassin & Extra Banner. For Assassin, I want either First Hassan or Cleopatra. The downside would be getting an extra copy of some of the servants.

For Extra, it’s Edmond or Meltlilith. Downside of me getting another copy of Jeanne or a chance of getting an extra copy of a servant.

In short, both have a low chance of getting either servants on the respective banner.

Stuck between Archers and Extra. I only have Gil/Arjuna for SSRchers but any copy of an Extra class would be welcome too. Gonna be on the fence until probably the last week.

I only have one SSR berserker. Everything else I have at least 2 SSR in. So, Beserker is the best banner for me.

Raikou would fill my last remaining hole in my roster (SSR AoE beserker), and I would LOVE Cu Alter. Vlad would give me the ultimate arts team. Golden and Pickles would be okay being something new. Nightengale would make me that much closer to having every major Support in the game.

I love MHXA but she is already np2.


I’m really leaning towards Extra, but I’m kinda nervous in getting another copy of Kiara or Okitan.

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most likely extra since those are typically rarer servants and I am less likely to be disappointed. As long as it isn’t jeanne, abby, or another amakusa I will be happy.

Well I was most likely gonna go Caster, but then I failed to get Okitan so I was stuck between Caster and Extra. But after this morning when I finally got Okitan in a last ditch attempt, I’m most likely back on Casters since the only 5* I have is Summer Nero. One of the support or ST casters would be great (though I can’t say I’d be mad getting Da Vinci)


Extra here… hoping random avenger or Foreigner. also hoping for NP2 my Kiara.

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Rider I really need one.

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Extra banner for me as there are no servants of questionable quality . I’d like to roll for Da Vinci but I fear Schez or np2 waver, I’d like to roll Archer for Ishtar but fear Arjuna. Kintoki is a strong contender but everyone else is just NP2+ levels on the banner.

I’m basically interested in ANYONE with a 50% battery but unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff I don’t want on their banners. Kiara, Jeanne or Amakusa would be more than satisfactory. Np2 melt would be nice too.

Probably going Saber, here. The only ones I don’t want are Arthur and Sigurd, while Umu Bride, Okita, or Shiki-Slashy would be a jackpot. Wouldn’t mind NP3 Musashi, or NP2 Mordred, either. Artoria and Altera I am not super excited about, but I’d love to have either of them to complete my F/SN and Fate/Extra protagonists collections.

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Extra for me. There are 3 top-tier husbandos in there plus a bonus because I’d be able to get Salieri. And even tho I already have copies of Jeanne, Jalter, Abby, and Sherlock, an extra NP level for them would still be welcome.


I’m currently thinking Assassin.

I only don’t want 1 Servant there (NP2, Bond 10 Shuten already) and so any of the others would be a win.

But I think Lancer is a very close second numbers-wise, since I only have 1 SSR Lancer so far.

I’ll change my mind a half dozen times at least before the end.

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If I get Scathach Skadi, making my new NP2 Atalante and NP1 (or 2 if I use The Ticket for her) Fran/BB/Nightingale viable, I will go for Lancer since I don’t have any 5* of that class and all of them are between good to great as value to me, specially Tamamo for waifu reasons, and Eresh or Arturia for farming, and again, for waifu reasons. If I don’t get her, I will go for Caster since either Merlin or Waver will improve my farming with the set ups I already have. The real waifu prize in Caster would be getting Summer Nero.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this banner. My only SsR archer is Orion so I would gain a lot to roll there. However, I am very tempted and probably go for Extra. It might be my best chance to get Salieri, and my extra 5* are Dantes, Amakusa and now Okitan, all as np1, so I don’t see the downside in this one. Plus, the chance of getting one of the Jeannes or a Foreigner is extremely tempting. Kiara and Melt are welcome too. But that would also mean, try and roll for Napoleon when his banner comes. The pain of the perspective of getting another Orion is huge (he is at Np2 already and I reaaaally don’t need him any higher than that. About the other classes, I think I am in a good place (3 sabers, 3 lancers, 2 riders, 4 casters, 2 zerkers and 2 assassins)