3rd Anniversary GSSR

Trust me, even if you own Nero, DaVinci’s style is fun and interesting, if a little tricky. they are similar damage wise, but have different styles. Best thing is, even at np1 their damage is great (for casters)

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I’m personally deciding between Berserker and Extra. I have both Jeannes, Kintoki, and Cu Alter, which makes my chances of any new SSR servants basically the same. Since Salieri is technically bound to show up as the only 3 star, I’m leaning on Extra.

Extra, that guarantees me no dupe and a high NP Salieri.

Jeanne or Hokusai would be ok, Alter Egos would be great, but my main goal is clear.

Let´s wait and hope.


I’ll go to caster. Having Weaver/Merlin or NP up Nas or Sche satisfy me.

Caster could be a good option but probably extra class would be the safest option for my roster

Extra is easily the safest bet for anyone.
Only limited Servants that would profit from NP Levels and the only permanent unit is probably the strongest tank in the whole game.
Rates in FGO are generally terrible but in this certain case they are phenomenal.

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Was debating over Berserkers or Extras cause my only gold zerk is a Banana. But I think I’m going for Extra, mainly for NP2 Oui, but definitely happy if I end up getting someone else in that banner (minus the alter egos).

Super tempted by that Merlin tho, but the risk of getting a duplicate or someone I just don’t like is not worth it. I’ll stick with friend’s Merlins for the time being.

As much as other classes are tempting me (Lancer for example) the only class that I don’t have an SSR of any form in is Rider.

Of course Extra is tempting as well, especially since there’s a couple there that I majorly want, but considering that I have 4 Extra’s already the chances of a repeat are too high in my opinion.

I’ll go for Extra class.
Hoping either Jalter, the Foreigners, or Majin to come home.

Extra class is too tempting. Dantes is the jackpot, but NP levels on Hokusai or Jalter is pretty close to jackpots for me as well. Melt, Abi and Sherlock would also be great new Servants. All but 1 are limited.

I like Jeanne but not sure I need her. Amakusa and Okita Alter I’m kind of meh towards.

So that’s a 7/10 chance to walk away happy, I’ll take that.

Archer is the only class where I don’t have a 5* yet so I’ll roll there, hoping for Archuria, Gil or Napoleon.


Even if i am really, really, really scared of this choice.

Please Abby, not you again! This time spare me! :sweat_smile:

Extra all the way. I don’t care if it’s NP level up for JAlter or Abby, or someone new [gives Sherlock a stink-eye after all his avoidance]. I would probably be disappointed getting OG Jeanne now I jinxed it, didn’t I because later on the game throws too many “ignore invincible” enemies, but it’s still the most interesting banner of GSSR for me.

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guaranteed servant salieri (rare) banner, here we come

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Did not realize that.
Awesome, SSR extra + maybe one or more Avenger Salieri

Extra for Abby NP2, that would be the best. Or either Hokusai NP2, Kiara NP2 and Melt.

Some of the other banners are nice too but i would only need 1 servant and it’s just not worth the risk compared to Extra.

As expected, Extra wins by a landslide.
I’m going Extra too because it has the highest odds of satisfaction.
Jackpots: Kiara, Dantes
Nice: Meltryllis, Abigail, NP2 Hokusai, Okitan
Alright: Jeanne, Holmes, Amakusa
Meh: NP2 Jeanne Alter

All of the other banners have significantly higher odds of a “meh” result, or even a “pls no” which cannot happen for me on the Extra banner. Plus, I’m basically guaranteed Salieri as a bonus. The Caster banner is basically guaranteed disappointment for me, lol.


Oh, we can roll based on class now, not the random cavalry/knights banners? Nifty.

Let’s see…
Got everyone I care about from the extra banner, so pass. Well, Kiara would perform better with a higher NP level, but Tankita will be replacing her as the AoE alter ego in my buster teams. Plus she’s NP2 already.
I could use a new 5-star ST saber, but don’t really like most of the options, aside from Shiki. But she’s AoE, so pass.
I could try archer banner for Orion, but it is a bit too much of a sausage fest for my tastes to risk it.
Lancer banner is the most tempting, since it has Larturia and Scatach to fill out the busty harem in my Chaldea. Plus I only have 2 characters from the lineup, so the odds of getting someone new quite high.
Rolling Rider banner for Drake is a bit risky, since I already have part of the lineup or don’t need/like the other part.
I COULD try caster banner for summer Nero or even Merlin to be able to choose from Tamamo NP3, Waver and him, but…don’t like the odds of getting duplicates of other casters.
Got everyone I want on assassin banner, so pass. Don’t care much for berserker banner, since already have Raikou NP2, so pass as well.

Welp, looks like Lancer banner it is.

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The only real meh in extra for me would be Sherlock. NP2 does not add so much utility.

I dont add Abby in meh class, else i curse myself

As much as I would love a NP2 Raikou, I would hate to get the other Bezerkers instead.

Likewise I really want a Scathach or Ereshkigal but hate all the other lancers. Same with Archer, only one I would be happy with is Ishtar.

I guess there is no perfect option for the GSSR pull because all the categories include units I don’t want. I really don’t want a male SSR so I wish the categories were waifu and husbando instead.