3rd Anniversary GSSR

It’s essentially a sort of rotation. We have 2 GSSR banners per year (New Years and Anniversary), and they seem to follow this pattern

Pool splits: big single pool with everything -> split by Knights/Cavalry -> split by Class
Servants contained: only permanent/story-locked (e.g. non-limited) servants -> limited servants included -> only limited servants

Overall, this has lead to the following progression:

Big pool with only non limited servants (New Year) -> non-limited servants split into Knights/cavalry (1st annivesary) -> non-limited servants split by class (New Year) -> all servants in big pool (2nd anniversary) -> all servants split into Knights/cavalry -> all servants split by class (3rd anniversary; this is the upcoming one on NA) -> only limited servants in big pool (New Years) -> only limited servants split into Knights/cavalry (4th Anniversary) -> only limited servants split by class (New Year) -> ???

It will be interesting to see what JP does for the upcoming 5th Anniversary, as the last New Years banner has exhausted the pattern by which we can predict. It will likely one big pool again, but we can’t say what servants will actually be put into it.

For sure from next year on, if we would ever have again a banner with extra class, it would be extremely interesting.

I mean, Salieri is the only 3* we can get
Astraea is granted if we roll a 4* inside the 10x roll.

A guaranteed SSR, Salieri and maybe a ruler.
All in a 10x roll


Not at all. Currently in the Extra banner, you can already roll Gorgon and Lobo, so it’s not guaranteed to be Astrea at all if you do get a 4*.
The Salieri thing is also already true for the upcoming one on NA.
JP’s last GSSR, which had a class split like our upcoming one, but only included Limited servants, also split the Extra classes into two separate pools: Rulers+Avengers, and Alter Egos+ Foreigners + Moon cancers.
Typing this out actually makes me wonder what happened when you rolled the second pool, though; there are no 3* Alter Egos, Foreigners or Moon Cancers, so who would you get for a 3*?

For the first question:

I totally forgot that Lobo and Gorgon existed…

Sorry Lobo.

For second question: maybe the roll will be forced to give us a CE if we pull a 3* servant.

Like the starting roll: if you pull 9 things that are not a 4* servant, the last roll is forced to be your beginner SR servant

I could try archer banner for Orion, but it is a bit too much of a sausage fest for my tastes to risk it.

Technically Orion is male but artemis is like 90% of the art so I get what you’re saying

Current GSSR roster,
Saber: None
Archer: Orion
Lancer: Scathach
Rider: None
Caster: Sanzang, Tamamo
Assassin: Cleo, MHX
Berserker: None
Extra: Okitan, Hokusai

Lack SSR’s across the board so no idea! For upcoming content, is there a specific class that I will need to have fleshed out? Have solid 4* in all classes (except AoE saber). Extra is so tempting but feel like it isnt the smart choice.
Any advice?

Extra is a smart choice when you have holes in many classes.

Strength of extra is being able to work against multiple different kind of classes.

And if you roll Jalter, you are good

She has a rate up on new year’s eve/day. Daily rotation.


I’m choosing Lancer (too) since I don’t have a 5* one and I really like them all so it doesn’t matter who I get. The Extra banner would be nice but my roster is still full of holes, might as well call it a swiss cheese XD

I’m going for Lancer because I lack any good ones, and Scathach is waifu.

If i roll i think rolling for caster or extra is the safest bet. Dont have any ssr riders but they dont seem to be much important since elizabeth mk2 exists

Well you have strong welfare options coming soon
succesful completion of Summer Events will net you
-NP5 AOE Quick Ishtar Rider, NP5 Jalter Berserker this should be within the next 4-6 weeks. Ryouma is in the current event who is more than adequate and if you have Rider kintoki well he’s broken his damage output is better than almost every SSR rider until they are np2+. Drake is the notable exception I can see due to her 50% np charge + aoe np makes her top tier farmer
-Annual scheduled SR ticket is scheduled around septemeber

I’d strongly opt for SSR Saber banner - Artoria will get her strengthening soon which gives her a 30% NP charge, Mordred has her 30% np charge+upgraded np. Shiki will get one eventually in about a year. Arthur get his interlude soon too 5/9 are aoe saber with interludes/strengthening so you stand a good chance of filling an aoe saber slot. It’s a solid banner with solid servants top to bottom. no real subpar servants

i need assasin

Extra. As long as I don’t get Sherlock or flag ruler it’s a win.

Caster odds have way higher percentage of disappointing me if I try it.

I have none of those assassins, while I am quite ok with everything else

Cleo would be perfect

Counting only the 5* servants that will be available I have only one 5* archer and one 5* Zeker and one 5* Extra class servant so my better options would be archer, zeker or Extra.

For zeker only is Cu is a jackpot to me but is 1/7 with a posibility of getting a NP2 Vald, it wouldn´t be all bad but I prefer it as a spook.
Archer have three servants that I really would love to have (Artoria, Gil and Tesla) but the idea of get Orion or even worst a NP3 Arjuna is horrible :fgo_seiba:
That´s why I will go for the Extra class, the most risky would be get a NP2 Jeanne 1/10 and have a high posibility of getting a jackpot or nice 5/10.

Jackpots: Dantes, Jalter, Saleri
Nice: Kiara, Hokusai, Okitan
at least are new: Amakusa, Sherlock, Melt
Meh: Jeanne NP2 and Abigail (she would be new but I don´t like her design)

Don’t know if I talked about this somewhere else (probably did), but I’ll probably go Lancer though Extra is a close second for me. I have roughly half of the SSR in all classes except Lancer in which I only have Tamashark and Eresh. The odds of a great Lancer are good (Especially Scathach or Bryn). Going Extra for more NP levels or the possibility of one of the SSR I don’t have is nice. Like I’d straight up cry if going Extra gave me NP2 Hokusai, as that would feel like some kind of redemption for NY banners. But of course the rest of the Extra servants are great in their own right.

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Ugh… Now my certainty is wavering. You guys are making a great case for the Extra banner. The only one I have is OG Jeanne (for whom NP2 would be welcome to combat charge drains), so the only duds would be Sherlock or Amakusa. It’d be sweet to get Hokusai, Jalter, Dantes, Kiara, or Okitan. I don’t care about Melt or Abby, but they could be useful, I guess. The bonus Salieri is a really good point, too.

More a case of *want on my end, but -


Circled in red are the only :horse_racing: missing from Zaynab’s crew, and I’d greatly welcome any of the three aboard. Alternately, NP-upgrades for any of the others would still be fine, since RNG-gods did not see fit to grant them any. Can’t have that as a whale

I got other classes covered, really. Zerk, which I mused on going for since most of them aren’t aboard became even less enticing due to Mr Hijikata saying hi at NP2 in second 10-roll of 2.

This extra banner is one of the best they released together with the lancer one.

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At first i was thinking of Lancer (as they were all good and i like them character-wise) or Caster (no support lyf). But Tamalancer comes home a few days ago and while she’s not perfect, she is perfect. Now I’m set for Caster, though if i got Skadi i might not roll Caster either.

Any suggestions guys? The only 7 main SSR class i lack is assassin but I have both Melt and Okitan who also came a few days ago, so i don’t think I’m rolling assassin.

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