3rd Anniversary: Pseudo-Singularity III Memorial Quest

since this is one of the hardest boss fight in the game do you guys gonna use the same team you used for in story fight or have better/different tactics now? personally i will use the same team and hate dw for forcing musashi as support again

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I soloed it with First Hassan. Good thing Shuten kept attacking Musashi and rarely touched him.

For real though I just remember now how hard shimousa was with musashi gimmick.

I just got myself a Jeanne! So I’m totally trying a new tactic! also don’t remember how I got through last time, probably just threw np3 jack at it I just need to finish bonding Jeanne to 4 so I can do her stun removing interlude first

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I’m just going to throw my Sanson at them like what I did last time. Forgot how it went but I remembered it worked somehow.

I was thinking I could go in and laugh it off, until I saw the forced Mushi .

Beat it with martha ruler, but had to use 1 command seal for clutch np at the end.

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I’ve been waiting for this. Can’t wait to get to it after extensive inventory cleaning! :heart:


I can’t actually remember which team I used last time but this time I ignored the Knight classes and let Kiara butcher them.
Having a Waver of my own made it far easier this time.

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okitan made the fight fairly trivial for me fortunately.

the real mess of a fight for me personally was the “true” fuyuki fight. Goetia-tier levels of hp… grr.

I remembered why I hated Shimosa when seeing the restriction! The Gimmick is too annoying, even with a good roster. It is not that Musashi herself is useless, but the fact that I cannot put a CE in story guest servants is what makes them bad.

Even the Cristobal and Megalos fight was made easier thanks to NP2 Kiara, Mash and Tamamo. I suffered losses but I beat the fight without using command seals this time, so it is a victory as a personal power growth!

Other than that, first act Singularity bosses were trivialized with my underleveled Skadi, the other one, and either Okita, Alter-Chan and Kintoki Rider.


Clearing them now, using Skadi memes only so far and i’m pleasently surprised with this POWER.

I just got to Shimousa, probably no Quick memes here for obvious reasons :fgo_musashismug:

NP2 Karna is better than NP1 Karna, who would’ve thought ^^ So it went better than the last time. Also didn’t move Musashi to the backline (unlike what I did in the story), threw in my new Kiara after frontline was killed, and Gramps (with Mango being cannon fodder and there for bond points). Yup, went nicely. Gramps is the best clean-up, both here and in Agartha fight.

I used this supposedly brain dead comp only to have Raikou take out Merlin every single attempt.

I got tired of resetting so I just put a scope on Merlin and expected him to die and just mash/Jeanne stalled it to victory.

Oh but Jeanne is a mediocre tier 3 servant according to GP’s garbage tier listing!!! Why on earth did she work so well??? Guess we will never know…



Allow me to provide you with some pepper with that justified salt I whole heartily agree with.


Ah, screw it. I used the command spells. It was the only memorial battle where I was forced to use command spells out of frustration. Screw Shimousa and screw Shimousa Musashi! I hope future Lostbelts and events don’t have such horrible designed battles.


I was this close, this close to kill her. The brave chain failed me with a 90% art card and the dream was over. Had to use a Quartz since I don’t feel at this moment of posting like repeating the whole fight… So close…

And the say Jeanne is bad. Mine is only 4/6/6 and she took me this on the last bar. The first bars were a combination of Merlin, Tamamo, Orion, Euryale, and Mash… and they died at turn 42.


Oh boy
:fgo_buster: :fgo_chadorion:



I can try double Jeanne this year :fgo_insane: just 4k more bond to unlock np upgrade before unleashing her against the final memorial quests. Double Jeanne with various arts archers might be easier than sacrificial casters…iirc last time I tried tama kuro support Jeanne, and just couldn’t keep Tamamono alive, so mash replaced and it was just arts spam until completion and no one else died.


You are lucky, I don’t have Kuro, and it doesn’t help that my art archers are low level skills since I only used them in Camelot. Tamamo suffered the same fate you mentioned and couldn’t withstand the continuous onslaught of Alter, and Mash, while resilient, is weak to crits. Next Fest I will farm gems and QP to level them up so I can try again next time.

Only have Tamamo out of the supports, and no Jeanne. But managed to do it with this team.
Kiara and Mash were the last one standing (Mash was near death, Kiara with around 1/3rd left)