3rd Anniversary: Pseudo-Singularity III Memorial Quest

For Shimousa I just did the same thing as last time, Command Spell powered Gilgamesh cheese.

Still not sure how I want to handle Salter fight yet. Still waiting for CS to refill, just in case.


Yeah i do have bad memory of this cq, n1 priority Shuten …
Same team only Skadi replace Helena now (less turns same RNG for cards)

Sheer powermod powa

Double Jeanne is twice as much Jeanne as you need:


I haven’t touched the EoR Memorial Quests yet (the Part 1 ones were all jokes though - I forget how simple things can be when you can just nuke them in 1 turn without break bars and stage effects) - I’m greatly looking forward to doing this one without the bond condition that I restricted myself to in Shimousa.

Still have to have Musashi, sure, but now I can bring class advantage against them and that should make it so much easier.

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Used my own skadi for the first time. Achilles and Musashi deleted Shuten, while shiki, mash and david were able to take out raikou
David is definitely getting grailed sooner or later as a reward for his incredible performance throughout part 1 and part 2

Just like in the actual singularity, this fight was fairly manageable, even as f2p

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The idea was to burst Shuten down as quickly as possible so I believed in the heart of the cards for at least one of Chloe’s Arts card to show up and/or for the stars to be absorbed by her. Depending on the draw after the initial NP, I could have Santera NP or Chloe; whoever fills their NP bar fastest. After Shuten is gone, it’s just smooth sailing (mostly).

Hehehehe, in all honestly, I might’ve had an easier time using my shiny new Jack for this, but I can’t miss an opportunity to break out my boy. The 30% Divine attack probably only stacks additively to Izou’s Man-Slayer % but whatever. Friggin Merlin basically arrived on the arena, popped his invincible and then his Charisma the next turn and then instantly gets yeeted out of the fight smh. Do you want to go home that badly you’d do it in a body bag?!

Raikou try to steal my crits away but I still end up with buttloads of stars because Izou is a star generating maniac and oh look, she thinks she could evade death. Haha, I laugh :)

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I decided to try using a stall strategy with Jeanne, Tamamo, Medea Lily, Mash, and Nero. After two extremely frustrating failures, I said “F*** it” and just threw my Musashi at it.

Won on turn 7 without a single casualty.

I’m starting to feel like I wasted my time raising all these other servants…


It is not a waste. We simply were forced on someone in a dumb way for story’s sake. The problem is not Musashi herself or the lack of CE for her, which could help, but the fact that she doesn’t have her third skill that makes the whole difference. I have used her in other events before and that one turn invincibility and critical upgrade is night and day for her.

My art team revolves around Poster Girl since it is optimal for my formation. Gilgamesh in this battle would go in with Poster Girl, Buff Tamamo and Kiara, get killed, enter Jeanne, enable the loops, and if one of them gets hurt bad, combat suit and bring Mash for stall. But nope. I am stuck with a sad version of Musashi. At least let us use a friend’s Musashi or for those who has her, their own.

No, I meant I threw my Musashi at it:

I used plugsuit to swap out Musashi (B+) for Musashi (Ex).

I feel like other servants are wasted, because of how effortlessly Musashi wastes other servants.


She is beautiful…

That Musashi is someone I would not feel bothered to use, even against Evil Tomoe.

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I love her, so very, very much.

You know that giggle that wells-up from within you when you see something just ridiculously badass? I call that feeling “murdergasm”. No other servant brings me more murdergasmic joy than Musashi.

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In my case is Nero Bride. I love class in my kills. Sadly, she is only NP1 and still ungrailed because QP hell. It doesn’t help that I don’t have my own Waver and Merlin to increase my Art’s shenanigans to the fullest. Still, it is over for now. Next year, if these quests come back, I’ll be more prepared with better skill invested in my other servants that are not Nero or Tamamo. That one -1 cooldown for Kiara and Jeanne’s skills or get Assassin Shiki leveled up can do the difference in this kind of battles.


No such thing as too much of a good thing! besides I can’t even max her stun, darn you kiyohime lancer, why did I give you any secret lancer gems?


If you have both Tamamo and Nero Bride, all you need is mUSAshi for the ultimate waifu arts looping team! I envy you, friend. I hope the gacha gods will grace me with an Umu Bride and Umu Caster of my own, someday…


I’m stuck on secret Archer gems, myself…

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Oh, mUSAshi… for some reason I feel like I want to go to America and eat some hot bacon burgers on Paradise City.

You’ll get a Nero and Musashi. You’ll see.

Damn you, Tomoe Gozen… Why did I give you secret gems if I don’t use you?


I tried this on my alt account , and after about 10-15 painfulstubbornstupidrngbull**** , I decided to use 3 command seals to beat it without anymore issues(LOL).

It was very fun and im in no way still salty.

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Gotta love Shuten, aye? She always plays so fair…

Her charm was literally the only thing ruining my day. …

And when I tried to use some debuff immunity , she would spam it ! That’s what she did on my last attempt before I had to execute order 666.AK_SkadiBulli < Best face I can find close to what I made when shuten charm spam me


Your words are the echo of many who have come before you. Shuten… Is just an RNG-fest slot machine of strategy-ruining control effects. Usually right before she NPs.