4* special rates on revival banners

So I checked and there is still a 4* special rate on revival banners. Does this mean you have a chance to summon the unit you want both as a focus unit or as a 4* special?

It seems like you would, and it makes sense, yet at the same time…whack


Well I mean I don’t see why you wouldn’t when you are able to summon a unit that’s normally a 3-4* when they are a focus unit on a banner… but im not sure


Yeah, the logic completely checks out, and yet for some reason it just sounds strange, ya know?


For the current weekly:
Yes, you can! :feh_legion_miso:
I guess IS could remove these characters out of the other pools when they’re a focus but at the same time there’s not really a reason to do that?
You could probably summon 5 stars like this on skill banners too, you just wouldn’t be able to tell you got them randomly instead of through the focus rate. :feh_morganagrom:


Yah, and I mean you’re more likely to summon the unit as a focus unit than you are as a 4* special anyways so no point to take them out