4* specials

Now that we have a free summoning of 1 4* special a week is the a list of 4* specials somewhere? It would be helpful to know what I can summon. I already summoned my first 4* which was a -def +res Lethe a first 4 me.


Thank you

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That is very useful info. I’ll be going blue as it has the most units I’d be happy to see. 9 of 37, basically a 25% chance I’ll be pleased with who I get.


I picked colorless because it had only three to four units that I personally considered useless (Jaffar, Mist, Innes and perhaps Nina).
… And I got an Innes merge.


For me it’s green > colorless > blue > red. And of course I got 1 blue and 4 reds. Though there being a lot of reds isn’t surprising because it’s by far the largest group.

I got a merge for my Forsyth


I love this new feature. It’s something to look forward to every week.

Picked green because I have the most merge projects in this color. Got Osian.


I am merging/want roughly half the units in blue so blue seems like the color for me…made the mistake of picking red this time though…Got an Ewan


For me it’d Green = Colorless > Red > Blue

I pull whochever has fewest, so I don’t wonder “what if I’d pulled the other Green orb,” or whatever.

Naturally, I got Lugh. Of all my Green merge projects, he’s not even on the map. So I sent him home.

Funnily I have still not pulled this dude. Or Sue.

People constantly complained about those two pity breaking them before they got snapped but somehow I dodged them every time

I would’ve at least saved him for the Rally Up Res+ if nothing else (I’m pretty sure he’s still the only unit with it…), but if feathers were more valuable than that to you, then you do you


Eh. I use Dual Rallies far more frequently than a Rally Up. Rally Up, I really only use for offensive stats, so I’d rather have the feathers.

For me, I’ll favor:
1.Green (need 2x B! Ike, 4x B! Ephraim, 6x Nagi)
2.Red (need 5x B! Alm, 3x Lyn, Idunn, any Byleth
3.Blue (need B! Hector merges, 3x Delthea, 5x Tana)
4.Colorless (need merges for Genny, B! Camilla and B! Lyn)

I didn’t get a green orb, so ended up with red and a +SPD Larcei. Could have been worse.


Unfortunetly i have to go through Red as it have the most amount ot +10 projects i’m doing (Ayra, Lucina, Tiki, B!Alm, F!Byleth)

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And that’s why I’m going to avoid red unless I have no choice

It’s so bloated and has so many garbage fodder units (looks at the 20 reds in Book I alone) that the likelihood of getting something worthwhile is much smaller than the other colors

A few on the list I’ve wanted, but never came, gonna have to focus mainly on blue than green, since those two are better choices.

i officially have a +1 shanan

time to +10 him

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