4 star help

I’m trying to make some good teams for farming. I lack 5* casters. I have three 4* casters though. Gil at level 60, dont have what I need to ascend him, nitocris, qnd nursery rhyme. Both of those aren’t leveled. Gil has NP level 2. I’m thinking the obvious one of these two to level is Nitocris, but I feel sticking to Gil since I’ve invested should stay my focus in casters until I get sonething better to level?

For 4* assassins I really don’t know which to look out for or bother with. I have Stheno, assassin of pariso, emiya, and carmilla. 5* assassins I have osakabehime and 1st hassan. I feel like one or more of these 4* are a good tool servant. I’ve gone through the lists, I’m just unsure.

Archers. Atalante, worth leveling at all even as a utility? Archer Emiya I plan to level simply because I’ve somehow managed his NP to level 4… the game gives me Emiya. Itherwise I have Ishtar and Gil for this class. But again, need teams for sweeping certain types of levels. Archers usually fit quick chains from what I can tell, except Ishtar who is mostly buster.

Lancers. No 5*s. I have Medusa at lvl 60, and she can go to 70, just haven’t dropped the resources for her yet. Have santa lily ofc, level 70. And that blonde guy that I swore was a girl during the 4th or 5th singularity, I forget his name. Silver outfit, tall. He’s a lancer, lol. Fionne, his name is fionne.

And last but not least, Sabers! The game has yet to grace me with a 5* saber. And I only have 2 4* sabers. Sazuka Gozen, and Ziegfried. Z was my first saber, but he seems really weak. I’m not always facing dragons and wyverns, so he seems really niche. Though Gozen seems more all around, her abilities are rather selfish. Raises her buster only. Though I do like the charm abilities.

Thanks in advance for any advice. As I stated I checked guides and lists first. Sometimes people have other perspectives. And it’s not like this is one of those hero games that we all compete against eachother in arenas or anything, lol.

My two+ cents…

(Disclaimer: since you mentioned farming, single-target damage-dealers are decidedly not top picks)

Nitocris is a huge quality of life bonus with comparatively modest investment (and a significant boost even for higher end farming if you do invest in her skills and NP).

CasGil needs the skill levels even more, and you won’t use him a lot outside of Arts teams. He’s not really needed for farming and can’t wave clear very well unless you whale his NP. That said, if Arts teams happen to be your thing, he’s one of the top supports for that card type.

For 4* Assassins I like Carmilla out of that list for her ease of gameplay and NP Buster synergy with Merlin, but obviously not an AoE pick. For your 5*s, First Hassan is more challenge quest material. Osakabehime suffers somewhat from being a support-type unit that has most of its support tucked into an NP that it can’t charge without spamming its own face cards and sucking up NP from OTHER supports. For farming purposes, I’d try to get Lancelot Berserker and never mind this category for now.

Atalante will get a huge boost when Skadi arrives. Emiya is a solid 4* pick, especially since you have him at a high NP level, and Gil and Ishtar are of course top tier amongst Archers. Atalante is something of an anomaly with her Quick focus; the most prominent Archers are Buster, Arts, or a mix of both (Arjuna, your cards are a mess).

None of your Lancers are must-haves, but they will work for you. Fionn can help with Arts AoE, at least. If you plan on rolling for different ones, I’d conserve resources for that.

I’m not super enthusiastic about most of the Saber units. If you get him, Lancelot Saber is a fantastic little Arts murderer, though. For examples of useful 5*s, Musashi if you love Buster memes (though she is admittedly falling off in the current and near-future state of the game), Nero Bride for general relevance, and Okita for Quick single-target shenanigans. The Artoria variants with built-in NP batteries are decent farming picks, too.

I have Lancelot as my berserker currently. I also have Fran since she was my 1st one, and I actually enjoy her stun rate. But Lancelot is higher level. Only reason I don’t use him as often is I’m usually trying to charge all 3 NP for the final round of whatever, and he’s effectively useless in that regard, lol. I have the card attached to him usually to give him invincibility 3x though, I find that greatly increases any berserkers lifespan, lol.
I’ll have to wait for Merlin to be available. Is he storyline or banner only? I only know he’s not in my pool to draw from.

I really need quick teams and my heavy hitters all lack that. My Lancers have it, but they aren’t heavy hitting. Maybe adding Carmilla with Gil and Ishtar will suffice for now.

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Zerkerlot kind of needs a starting NP CE and/or massive charge support to function properly. His NP gain rate is seriously terrible if he’s doing anything other than using his NP on 3 targets while having his NP gain rate buffed through the roof with his native skill and others.

That’s not a bad idea to make him more viable. I can give him a kaleidoscope and Rin would get by with a 60% boost or even a 50% boost card instead. The 50% ones I have also boost NP level by 2 for the 1st use. But Ishtar gains so easily with all of her extra hits. She’s my little floating Rin goddess.

Omg! I was hunting an archer statue to ascend Gil, and managed to get up to 30 QzC. I then prayed on Tohsaka to grant me luck.

I finally have my own 5* Saber! Maybe only 2nd tier. But she sure as hell beats my two 4*.



Gotta take Tier Lists with a grain of salt. Going forward almost every single-target Servant will be “2nd tier” once the gameplay focus shifts to more AoE with break bars. Maybe it will even shift back again eventually, never know for sure.

Also, Okita is going to get much stronger when Skadi makes her debut on global this summer, so you have that to look forward to.

Even the least broadly effective/“bottom-tier”/hardest to enable/whatever SSRs are worth investing in, in some capacity; and if you actively wanted someone in the first place, then even more so.

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Caster: Until you get the mats to Ascend Gil, raise Nitocris.

Assassin: Among the SRs, I would go with Carmilla. In February we’ll get the KnK rerun which will give us Shiki, who is an amazing Arts based Assassin. She basically renders all of the other SR Assassins obsolete, but Carmilla still has a useful anti-female niche that gets even better with her Strengthening in the not-too-distant future. Aside from that, King Hassan is a solid, albeit slightly awkward with his triple B deck, SSR Assassin.

Archer: Go with Gil. He’s arguably the best Archer in the game. As for SRs, Emiya is your best bet between the two, but Atalante is really good with Skadi once she comes out.

Lancer: I would go with Jailter. She’s the best of the 3 in general. Plus, at the moment, Fionn is a pile of garbage.

Saber: I would recommend Suzuka. She can deal some serious damage over time, with her NPs and Crits. Siegfried is the better farmer, but outside of that (and fighting Dragons), I’d say that Suzuka is better.

Okita is one of the best Saber in the game. She has high np damage + good start generation + good np refund + an evad. Better than Musashi imo. Don’t take tier list too serioulsy and it’s not that that will change anything with your servant.

Btw Fran is a great Berserker and better in term of damage than Zerkerlot. She can wipe last wave pretty easly.

Congrats on getting Okita! She is hands down one of the best Sabers in the game, if not the best. Definitely invest in her.

I love my Fran! Her true shine is that stun and defense debuff skill. Since Fran was always backup on bosses, someone would die, she’d come out and yell at em, lol.
My issue with archer Gil is this. And people gonna yell at me for this. But it’s truth right now. Dmg wise, he is trash compared to my Ishtar. I have both at level 70 right now. And her NP is 2, his is only 1. So in an AoE pissing match, Tohsaka has him beat for now. I still am investing ofc, he was raised to 70 just this morning. Both him and Tohsaka are gonna hit level 80 tonight.

And I aesthetically like Gozen. I was only ever able to get her to level 50. Never had what I needed to ascend her oddly, or just never did. As it is I’m 2 pieces short to ascend Okita past level 50, lol.

Gonna level up Carmilla and Emiya. Lancer Jeane I have to level 70 and fully ascended and will push her to 80 soon enough. I do Plan to fully level my Medusa lancer too. I have Medusa’s NP2. And even thoigh it’s single hit, she can deal serious dmg with it, and her hit count for raising her NP bar is on the same level as Ishtar if not more combo’y. Her charm may only be for males, but so many bosses in some event stages are. And it works iften enough to stop a NP from being fired off at me.

I appreciate the help on assassins and archer 4*s. I’ll level Nitocris too. Who knows, maybe the game will give me another one to get her NP2 like Gil’s.

I would personally hold off on leveling Emiya Assassin. He is pretty good, but he’s an Arts based Assassin and is outclassed by Shiki (also an Arts based Assassin) in almost every regard. Shiki is a Welfare that will get her rerun in February, so if you complete the event you can get her at NP5 for free. Also, Shiki gets an NP Strengthening around the time of her rerun that will make her even better.

Regarding Ishtar and Gil, Gil’s NP has bonus damage against all Servants, so he’ll deal more damage against Servants than Ishtar, even if Ishtar is NP2. But point granted, outside of Servants, Ishtar at NP2 will definitely deal more damage than Gil at NP1.

Oh by Emiya I meant Archer. Assassin I also have at NP2 or 3. But I like classic Emiya archer. Since I plan to push Ishtar and Gil to 80 tonight. Excess is going towards maxing a few others. But Emiya will get some runoff archer pieces tonight.

Oh, ok. Emiya Archer is a good Servant. Kinda outclassed by having 2 AoE SSRs (with one at NP2), but still a good budget option.

Well, one thing I’d say Emiya Assassin has over Shiki is the NP charge decrease and crit rate down on his NP as opposed to the less reliable insta-kill effect, but this is mainly useful for harder content when you really need to hold off a boss’s NP and reduce their damage.

If you’re specifically stalling, sure. Shiki’s notably superior even before her later NP SQ at outright murdering before you have to worry about being beaten in the first place.

That’s why I said “almost every regard”. The secondary effects of Emiya Assassin’s NP are better. Aside from Nitocris, I honestly tend to forget that instant death is even a thing (unless the enemy has it). But aside from that, I honestly can’t think of any reason why you’d want to choose him over Shiki.