4 Star Shop option?

So my fiancee and I had in interesting little talk earlier since she was wanting to summon Calamity Jane. We know that (by a long, long shot) you can buy a 5 Star servant in the shop if you have enough Special Summon tokens. So we just both started thinking 'why don’t they have the 4 Star equivalent?" So it was an interesting little thing for me to think up on my free time.

My idea has holes in it so it’s probably going to be torn to shreds, but what the hell; given the lesser rarity of 4 Stars, Special Summon tokens would be a tremendous waste on them (it could be an option, just not the most efficient in this case). Mana Prisms were the next to go out the window; especially in the current meta of both JP and NA it’s extremely easy to get bombarded with them during events and to just stockpile for when you need them. Unless the amount needed would be in the tens of thousands, this would probably be too easy a system to exploit for DW to feasibly implement.

My final idea was to instead use Rare Prisms; get some from servants, use some for servants. The amount needed could be debated, but personally 5 seems like an adequate amount for at least one copy. The catch, though, is that Rare Prisms would be treated like quartz and separated into two pools; the first pool would be Rare Prisms obtained from burning servants in the summoning pools while the second would be from welfare servants after events. In order to summon from the shop, you need to have Rare Prisms from the first pool as the ones from the welfare pool can only be used on the other items in the shop. That’s to prevent the system from being cheated and getting an extra servant after obtaining Rare Prisms from a welfare servant during a rerun.

Well, those are my ideas (roughly from a quick brainstorm). What do you guys think?


One simple explanation- The pity system in FGO is nonexistent. It’s a feature that is limited to Whales and even then most people who spend heavy yearly and have multiple USO’s are hesitant to use the ones they’ve stocked up on.

We used to get a free 4 Star servant that is general pool or story locked servants, I forget which but there was a ticket that was once a year. However that is not happening any more and next year we’ll be getting a 5* (SSR) ticket & I believe JP got it a second time without the SR ticket ever being brought to the light of day.

For the SSR ticket you’re required to reach bond 5 or 6 within 6months in order to “own” the SSR, otherwise the player will lose the servant they picked from the list available.


IIRC USOs only work for obtaining the first copy and can’t be used for extra copies, though I may be wrong and might need a whale to correct me. Extrapolating from that just make it so that a certain amount of RP(we’ll never agree on a number in all honesty) could obtain your first copy, but extra copies still have to be rolled.


If the SSR is not limited, you can buy as many copies as you want.


That’s a pretty good idea, and 5 RP for 1 servant would be a good way to do it. It seems silly that 4*s just get left out when teh rates are so low that even whales are missing some of them

This is DW though, so they’ll probably be greedy and bump it up to at least 10 for a 4*. Could also have story locked/limited servants for more

The ideal system though imo would be a token system where you get 1 coin per summon and can exchange them for specific servants. The general pool ones can be in the shop all the time with limited ones rotating into the shop when their banners are up

But any pity system would be better than the one we have now which doesn’t exist


So half right. Thanks for the clarification :+1:


On paper 5 RPs for a gen pool SR sounds fair; that’s 5 SR pulls you didn’t want or beyond NP5 for 1 you do want.

But with the RP shop saying 5 RPs is… a Craft Essence or a Lore, DW clearly don’t want to give us any refund pity.

Anything is better than the current system of course:

USOs aren’t even whale territory; they’re beyond just regular spending. I’ve bought a lot of packs and I’ve thus far (thankfully) avoided gaining any USOs. “Thankfully” because going NP6 on an SSR will be massive ugh given that you need to repeat that level of wrongluck 9 more times. 10 SSR spooks beyond NP5 for 1 SSR is as disgusting as it sounds.


lbr, if they did let us pull out sr servants, it’d still cost usos

just less usos than ssrs

maybe something like 5 usos to an sr

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leviathan territory


If you pull enough SSRs for that you literally don’t need/want to trade USOs for an SR, ever. (Because you already have the SRs you want)

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DW is never going to give us anything like that so forget it.

yes, but this is dw

the uso ssr system is hot garbage, so what makes anyone think an ability to pull an sr would be more sensible?

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