4 Star Single Target Caster discussion

Hello everyone. So, it’s no secret that single target casters are fairly rare compared to other classes. Currently (in NA), there are 2 5 stars (one of which is limited), the 2 4 stars released with Salem (one of which is story locked), and Medea. Caster Shuten (who is a welfare) is the only other single target caster in JP who is not currently in the game.

So, now that a 4 star exchange ticket just got announced unexpectedly, Midrash and Okeanos are both potentials picks for people (myself included). My question is this: between Midrash and Okeanos which is the better and does Caster Shuten do a good enough job to making both of them unnecessary due to her welfare status and easy NP 5? (Basically, which is better: Midrash, Okeanos, or Caster Shuten)

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Okeanos have the ability to instantly charges her NP all the way back up to full, which can allow her to spam her NP back to back twice. She have a team wide Debuffs removal which is very useful. Her poison skill, aside from the Def down, isn’t very much useful. Her NP is very useful in challenging quest since it’s a nigh-guaranteed stun for most servants.

Midrash have a normal Charisma skill. Her third skill is a team wide Art & Buster buff with 10 stars as a nice bonus. Her 2nd skill allow her to crit hard and ignore invul but for only 1 turn. Her NP is a ST that reduce ATK & DEF by 10 - 30% with a heal rate reduction which is quite useful in some fights.

Shuten first skill seal an opponent NP for 1 turn and reduce their crit chance, which is good for later contents. Her second skill is a one turn steroid that buff her Art & Buster damage with a benefit of star gather rate up, use this when she NP. Her third skill is a team-wide Charisma with another effect of increases attack up against demonic enemies. Her NP applied sure hit first before damage which is excellent for fights where enemies spam dodge or have dodge Chance skill. She can also be NP 5 pretty easily cause Welfare.

TLDR; Okeanos is useful in high level content like CQ if you level her 1st skill. Midrash is a pretty good offensive support servant. Shuten is useful as an NP 5 ST bosskiller.


Both Okeanos and Midrash are viable, each with their own strengths. Okeanos has a nice charge skill and NP stun while Midrash more offensive oomph with various buffs and crits.

If I had to advice one over the other, it would be Midrash due to being story locked and much harder to acquire.

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I would pick midrash, in case I don’t have both her and okeanos. Because midrash hits the hardest and has a very good NP gain plus she is limited however her mats are new and rare for now. I do have an okeanos and she is fun while midrash has eluded me.

Okeanos by far because of thi almigthy piggy np :fgo_circereally::fgo_circereally::fgo_circereally:


The unfortunate reality of Circe/Caster of Okeanos is her horrible NP gain. After she uses her NP battery skill she’s largely a sitting duck until she can recharge her NP despite her triple arts cards. Despite her NP battery, her NP damage is pretty low, her NP is essentially better utilised as a 2 turn stun. Her poison, debuff removal and crit star gen skills does give her support potential but she’s not that great of a support other than the debuff which can come in handy. She just does a lot and doesn’t excel at any one thing an example is her crit gen skill but she’s a bad star generator.

Caster Shuten on the other hand is a NP5 nuke and has the best NP damage of all 3 of them but she has a mismatched deck and her skills are very odd. Her crit star absorb is bad because she has a caster deck and triple arts is not good for star generating. Her buff against Demonic enemies isn’t great cause it only has an effect on only a few servants so she’s mainly good at killing non servant enemies. NP seal is good but they should’ve given her a hard defense. Her NP also has a potent poison so that’s good.

I would say the best of the 3 is Queen of Sheba/Caster of Midrash because she has insane NP loop potential. She may not be able to deal as much NP damage as CasShu (definitely more than Circe) but being able to loop her NP that stacks defense down is insane. Firing off a second NP when you perform an arts chain with your NP is very much possible and that can be repeated endlessly. She has great long lasting buffs so their up time is great thus making her normal attacks quite heavy hitting when buffed enough. And she has an ignore invincibility while CasShu just has a sure hit. Her main weakness is her lack of a hard defense and she doesn’t have a crit star gather skill. But overall I think Midrash should be the one you go for.

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