4 star ticket last minute advice

A little late to the party, but I need an help with the ticket; I think I’m covered in almost every niche I think and so I don’t know who to pick.
anyway these are my servants

everyone np1 besides Jeanne,fran,salter,nursery rime,astolfo and rama who are np2 and emya and d’eon who are np3
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies:wink::wink:

I recommend increasing Sthenos NP level.

Otherwise, if you play a lot around 9:22 then Yagyu is a great choice, he is at his strongest around that time.


Choose a story lock servant you don’t have and is unlikely to roll for.

Or pick stheno.
I strongly advise you to pick stheno


stheno all the way


NP2 Li Shuwen as he’s the only ST lancer I saw…

Fionn also not bad. But you’ll need to wait a while(next year) for art to be supreme again… Buster and Quick is just Meme. Art is eternal


You don’t have avenger. If i were you i will pick Gorgon. If you plan to roll for Skadi, maybe pick Parvati or another Lancelot berserker

Helena, Nitocris, Yagyu, Saberlot, Sheba, or another Lancelot.


Definitely Nitocris, she will make farming 100% easier for you, cleaning all of the mobs with her NP insa-kill without having to worry about class and having freedom with CEs in events + 100% NP gauge charge. I got he with last year’s ticket and now I can’t imagine playing FGO without her. She’s super useful, she was Halloween’s and Christmas’ MVP for sure.

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I recommend Helena since your only team NP charge servant seems to be Merlin and she is a great addition to farming. If you don’t want to go with Helena then I’d recommend Nitocris for the double NP potential.

Same Here I’m unsure of who to choose Between Lartoria( Artoria Lancer Alter), Parvarti, Sheba.
Heres my servants:
IMG_5499 (1)
IMG_5500 (1)
Lartoria I have already at lvl 80/85 Np 1
Parvarti I would like for her abilities and as an AOE Lance that’s Quick Oriented.
Sheba I need for a Single Target NP for a caster as all I have is Medea at 60/70 so i need more power for this type of charater.

Parvati, of those three, but since you like LAlter enough to grail her she’s a very recommendable pick as well.

Sheba is functionally replaceable as we will be getting a Caster DPS this Oct in Shuten (Caster) with ONILAND. That will patch you up fine.