4 * Ticket advice

Hi guys I needed some help deciding on who to grab for the 4* ticket. The few I had in mind were Cas gil, Hercules, Lancelot (saber) and Lancelot (berserker) Any other servant suggestions would be welcome!!!

I like that SSR lineup. :)

Herc is probably overkill with your roster. CasGil is a perfect fit if you enjoy using Sherlock as a DPS. (He also helps Kuro.)

Lancelot (both forms) are good picks too. Zerklot for Skadi farming and Saberlot is just good all around.

Pick your favorite. They all have immense gameplay value. I tend to think supports are more valuable so I’d suggest CasGil.

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Herc is probably overkill with your roster. CasGil is a perfect fit if you enjoy using Sherlock as a DPS. (He also helps Kuro.)

I have a more fleshed out roster thank you OP and I have to agree with this. Heck, even if you had a less-packed roster. You can very easily borrow a L100 10/10/10 NP5 Herc given his immense popularity, and the overrated bond CE (and Herc himself tbh, IMO) will already be eclipsed by your ability to pick hypermaxed supports and/or your own DDs.

Really, going to second everything he said in general, although I’ve personally got my preferences in the order of Zerkerlot -> CasGil -> Saberlot, especially because you can even more easily enable Zerkerlot’s gross potential without even knowing your CE lineup (even more so if you got a scope). I like Saberlot, he’s very very fun to use and he packs a consistent punch, but you can just as easily borrow a L100 etc. Saberlot, while Zerkerlot is a more optimal long-term investment (but am otherwise right there with jakeyb in prioritizing supports, Zerkerlot’s just a special case and he notably has no future solo rate-ups unlike Gil and his four).

Beyond that though, there’s Nito. And beyond or including any of them, whoever makes your heart flutter. You really can’t go wrong with any of them,

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Well, since you already have merlin and waver you don’t really need casgil (though lack of Tamamono would argue that). But also hard to go wrong with more supports (something I wish I’d learn over a year ago. Making up for it now by picking casgil myself.

Saberlot is tons of fun to use and is probably my absolute favorite servant to field.

Lancelot zerker is meh at np1, but amazing at higher np levels.

Definitely feel herc is overrated. Barely field him, which is a shame after I rushed his bond ce and went through proof hell and back for him.


Thanks for the input everyone!! Y’all are the best :) I have a better idea of who to grab now!

Your personal play style is your own… GO WITH WHO YOU LIKE. don’t read ANY reviews of the four star servants. because they are mostly bias and full of shit anyway. you won’t find anything helpful there. i say…if you love a servant roll for him/her pick your favorite servant you can’t go wrong.