4 Young Tanas - inherit Canto or merge?

So I pulled 4 Tanas while going for Lyon and I might even pull another one while going for more Lyons.
Most are -SPD but I also have a +SPD Tana which I consider her best Boon.

Should I merge her or keep at least 1 copy for inheritance?
I thought about running a Flying Galeforce, Odd Tempest, Trace 3 character in AR-O but haven’t decided upon anyone yet - I might as well use Tana herself.

What do you think? Also, any theorycrafting on who Trace skills are worth running on yet?


I’d merge her at least to +1, cus her weapon makes her unique enough.
And yes, +SPD IV is best boon on her. (+ATK also a good option for heavy blade/galeforce, if you have it)

Her fodder is good so it’s up to you if you wanna merge her up higher than that.


I just looked up all melee Cav and Flying units and there isn’t really anyone I want to use the skill on.
If anything I’d like to use the melee Trace on Sword Reinhardt, but I only have a combat manual of him rn so I don’t really need to save the fodder for him.
I’ll probably merge 2 into the +SPD version and keep one just in case for now


There will be units released in the future on which you want to use canto. I would definitely save fodder. You can consider merging to +1. I probably wouldn’t; it’s, what, 1 spd? 1 atk? Her bulk is fine without the merge considering the +10/+10 on player phase. If you decide you want the single merge then I could see an argument for merging to +2. I mean, you’re sacrificing a near trace fodder for 1 extra atk or spd, so why wouldn’t you do it a second time? The +3 merge makes the least sense to me; it’s nothing but bulk and I doubt it will change the outcome of more than 1 or 2 fights she sees in years.

Also, depending on your team comp I’m not so sure about odd tempest because she has the warp and that will often be good for 3 movement if not 4 (especially if you use a ranged unit). I do like atk rein to help heavy blade checks, just wish it was atk/spd rein.


I merged her to +2 already.
I will keep one copy just in case I really want to give someone the Trace skill for now.

But after this banner I will probably save orbs for when L!Edelgard ord Duo!Ephraim come around the next time anyway

Also, yeah her teleport is what gives her so much mobility but the additional movement from tempest would let her mive further back after attacking, as her teleport does not affect canto


that is good.

honestly. i’m not sure who would benefit from the trace, you know? it’s fun when you think about canto-nanigans.- if it doesn’t have a range penalty. maybe* brave claude? (that would be scary - another -3 on spd/def (but i still think his best skill is probably guard).

unlike dive bomb - i truly believe this is going to be on many many fliers to come. they are really wanting to push canto/bonkers movement right now, so i don’t see it not.

(and tana is bonkers, so honestly i’d merge)


Yeah that’s what I thouhht, too and I love Tana already!
The mobility she has is just crazy.

However, Tana’s Trace is limited to melee characters anyway so I can’t even inherit it to Claude.
I alao have a L’Arachel but since I only have one copy, I won’t fodder her :)


oh is it. (it’s like they KNEW).
poor persecuted range fliers


Just to clarify, Close Trace skills are melee-only, while Far Trace skills are ranged-only.
So L’Arachel’s trace skill could be inherited to Claude :)


(but that’s not as fun LOL)

but yah i think a far trace would be good for them. (but i don’t think they have rem on theirs)


Wait, really? :feh_bylethshook: I find myself wondering who wouldn’t benefit from it aside from purely defensive cavs and fliers (that are somewhat uncommon anyways).

But even assuming that these are situational skills, why merge a 5* exclusive who has any fodder any further than +1 if you’re not planning on +10ing them down the line? :feh_eirikathink: Feels like a waste to me since you only get +1 to two stats, but… if you’re sure you won’t use her fodder in the future, I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference either way.


if it’s a unit i like i +1 that unit so they don’t have any flaws. most of the skills will be on other units eventually, and them not being -hp, or -def or -res is super important. -unless it’s literally their dumpstat (ie: Seiros and -spd, Dimitri and minus res etc etc etc)

the canto can be really good- but i mean.

Caeda for example would still rather desperation or pegasus flight. Same with Clair
baby caeda has her prf skill
Jill with her stat line could totally make use of it, but wyvern flight (or even mystic boost) would be better. mystic boost Jill is m-e-a-n
Whitewings, Cordelia, Elincia - I’d rather them with divebomb.

Oh Lilith could benefit from it since she’s a warp machine.

the canto is great (and it gives you more debuffs and stuff during combat) - (and then you get to move again) but the reason why it is so bonkers on tana is that she can move whereevery she wants - smack someone and then basically go back to start, or have someone pull her away (though if it comes into the main poolon someone i give zero poops about, i would put it on other units. I like Tana - and imo i think what she can do is way too unique to fodder. (or at least again I would +1 them, and then consider the other). (and also in today’s game every extra stat goes a long long way) esp when some units get +5 just for breathing


Yes, agreed, my point was against merging them any more than +1.

Agreed with your point about fliers, but I think my viewpoint comes from someone who loves Galeforce cavs, and I think most of them really enjoy that skill. :feh_nini: That’s why I want it, anyways. Of course, it’s bonkers on Tana because of her weapon, but she’s a good one-off, so no need to keep merging her if she’s not a project. +1 (if her bane happened to be really bad) is more than good enough.


Just wanted to add that back when Duo!Ephraim was released, I only managed to pull 2 copies and foddered off one for Lull Atk/Def & HB4 (which were pretty coveted skills back then) and regret it direly now that I have Ephraim on +6 and plan to max merge

I kinda see myself in a similar position with Tana (and Duo!Eirika for that matter) as their fodder is good but not so good that I’d definitely want to fodder them.


Fodder the Canto to Mirabilis

Brave Claude will want A/S Far Trace when that comes out. Right now I use Mystic Boost in the B, primarily due to lack of good options. It’s pretty decent at letting him ignore staves since he can’t run NCD, but I think he would be fine for healing without it. I don’t like the HP threshold on Guard for AR offense in case he is below it for a battle on a multi-battle turn, but even then, it’s one of his best options. But A/S Far Trace will give him bulk and speed, plus Canto. Who knows when that one will drop, though.


lol next banner, or this side of never (see rein skills vs. bracing stance 3)

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