4th +10 Done

I wanted to post this earlier, but uh, feel asleep. lmao
But I finally managed to get Leon to +10 this morning [like 4am], making him my 4th +10 [After Rein, Sakura & BK]. This kit will need some rework, but I need to wait for Devilish Bow & some CC fodder. Altho, now that I have Leon complete, not sure who I wanna +10 next. [Might make a poll on it later.]


Congrats for that

You can do something that you need or something that likes you to much

The build makes no sense but im proud nonetheless

good taste


Iā€™m liking your post vicariously through others!

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If you can ,maybe sturdy impact is the best A for him, or you can give him defensive blow in S , however well done, +10 5* are always great

Love your choice of unit.