[4th Anniversary] You've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? - The GSSR Roll thread is now open!

We’re one week away from the 4th Anniversary! Since @Ivory_Black has addressed the most important decision we will have to make, I thought I’d make a thread of the more inconsequential choice: Less options means less salt right


  • Limited to 1 summon.
  • Guaranteed to obtain one (1) 5★ servant.
  • Costs Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 3.48.47 PM

So the first decision is only for all the true F2Ps among us. As the banner slowly approaches, will you spread open your wallet and allow to pluck the flower that is your F2P virginity?

With 25 servants in each of the pools, you have a 4% chance of getting any one of them, so pick the pool with more desired servants obviously

  • Knights
  • Cavalry

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I made a little visual chart to help me decide:

But if you just can’t choose, there’s always another way:

EDIT: An easier way to make a tierlist thanks to @Stuartblarg

Example here


Manifesting Merlin so I can use my Quartz elsewhere


Knights for me since it has RULERS! I know they hate me, but a girl can dream, right? :fgo_casgilworry: Is it because I love Avengers? Is it? It is, isn’t it? Also, I don’t want another “NP2 Merlin probably Skadi ver. for anni 4 from the GSSR” situation.

And I generally don’t mind getting any NP1-2-3 from that pool.


Cavalry pool has KP so it’s an easy pick for me.

Merlin, Skadi, CasUmu, Kama and Arjuna would also be very welcome to my Chaldea


Luck, hah! I won’t GSSR cuz F2P.

My luck will show its quality when summer comes: “Can I get the SSRs I want or will it be none?” :fgo_gudako:


Going Cavalry, it’s a high risk, high reward strategy.

The risk is NP2 Skadi or NP4 Reines :fgo_mordredshock:

NP2 Melt or NP3 Caster Umu would mean insta-grails. NP3 Kiki would be awesome, as would KP. An AoE Assassin would also be nice or sigh Merlin.


I’ll be rolling Calvary but I made a tier list for both a while back and thought I’d copy and paste it here:

Ultimately Calvary has my biggest jackpots but also the two servants I want the least.


I have slightly more jackpots on the cavalry banner but a lot more ok results on knights so I might have to flip a coin :fgo_casgilworry:


Knights has the biggest chance of a new servant for mr, and there is really only one servant there I would absolutely not want.

Cavalry has a bigger payoff, like Junao and Merlin, but also very high chance of dupes amongst them NP2 Skadi.


My picks, sorry Musashi stans
Don’t really wanna see a caster unless it’s skadi but I’d feel mean putting red on Da Vinci, Shikibu or Illya

I’ll be rolling cavalry


I have two NP5s in the cav pool, as well as an NP3 Skadi but 0 SSR Sabers

So I’ll be rolling knights this time :fgo_matahari_ohboy:


USO warning


I’ll be rolling Knight, here’s my tierlist



Be ready


It’ll be funny and I’ll probably keep him at level 1 and see what kinda dumb shit I can do cos that NP is so stupid strong


I can’t decide yet. Both pools are quite similar for me.


All my favorite Servants outside of BB, who is currently at a comfy NP2, are in Cavalry so this GSSR selection is a no-brainer for me.

I made this tier list a while ago.

Skadi and Merlin are obligatory picks, even if I don’t like them too much. Also, missing NP2 Kama from Ooku banner was a massive sore point for me.

I wasn’t expecting to pull NP2 Arjuna Alter when I initially made this list, so I could probably drop him down a tier. But his current placement is fine too

Reines here is only low because her NP levels don’t add much to her functionality.


Like a friend of mine likes to say:

“Just outplay the coinflip bro”


On one side i see Np2 skadi and np2 merlin, on the other side i see NO np2 skadi and NO np2 merlin. The descision is made…


I was planning to vote on Cavalry class but accidentally selected on knights. For the knights I have 12/25 of them and the only thing I could feel like worthwhile to get on it is Avenger Nobu and Musashi and most of them I can live without.

As for the Cavalry class I could potentially get a new servant since my odds of servants owned on it is 11/25. I also have a chance to get Arjuna Alter and Kama since I’ve failed to get them on all my attempts. I’ll be happy to get any berserker as well even if its a dupe MHXA since it would increase her to NP2 damage which is a good power spike.

TBF, the cavalry side hosts the caster class and would most possibly be the one that would be picked the most by the community and it also has berserkers which is a one size fits all class and let’s not forget that they have as well 2 of the broken supports in the game in Merlin and Skadi so for new accounts, cavalry would be the smart choice to pick.

But again, RNG is a fickle mistress and I’m just hoping for anything new since I haven’t rolled any servant that I’ve planned to roll this year.

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