5/25 Fate/Requiem Collab Stream

Stream to start at 19:00 JST. I know the bare minimum about Fate/Requiem so this ought to be interesting.

Alternate Periscope Stream

Live translation by Tolovetrouble on Twitch


I’m still a bit sceptical about all this.
Doing a Collab to push the sales of the novel is all fine and dandy.
But with only one volume out so far!?
There’s so many other collabs that could work much better. /Prototype, /strange fake (well, not really, but oh well), or the long overdue Tsukihime collab.

I’m not sure what to expect from a collab with a story where so much is still shrouded in mystery.

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Well, as we can expect everything from work of which little is known - I am optimistic and look forward to the stream :fgo_umu:

I’m skeptical but a tiny bit hopeful of the entire situation. Also a tiny bit desperate for any new servants cause we’re almost halfway through the year and there’s only been 6 new Servants released during 2020.

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Oh yeah stream has started and it’s good to see that they managed to get one of the VA’s this time, Ayako Kawasumi/Saber’s VA.

Honestly, with design limitations (only so much character design and mechanics you can come up with) and in-built franchise limitations ( we are already scrapping the barrel of historical\mythological “heroes” a bit), slowing down with new servants releases is expected. Until designers and writers come up with something big on those fronts.

There’s going to be another opening song for Part 2 and it’s also going to be sung by Maaya Sakamoto.

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I could understand design limitations to some degree, but there’s no shortage of potential heroic spirits considering how many different types of characters we have already from all sorts of time periods and contexts.

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So the event also has something do with boardgames?

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So, the whole Fate/Requiem evetn is about Voyager trapping our Servants in a board game Jumanji style?

4* Welfare Lancer Erice Utsumi


Sorta, but in Nasuverse, the further you go away from original humans and Age of Gods, the weaker humans and mystics are. “Old is better” as universe rule, with modern day humans even if qualifying as Heroic Spirits, being weaker than predecessors from Myth.

And with mythological characters… there is potential where to grow, if they start breaching into completely new mythologies. But FGO kinda stagnated on this front

The female protagonist of Fate/requiem is a freebie


Yeah and liking her design and NP - something to look forward too… though I am over saturated with Lancers already :sweat_smile:

Wait, what? Nooo… Not another Lancer. Oh man.
We even just got a Welfare Lancer.

The Dinosaur Servant is a 4 stars Zerk. She’s supposedly a youkai

4* Berserker Kijyo Koyo


5* Foreigner Voyager


5 Stars Foreigner, The Voyager joins the battle

Eh, skipping both Kyo and Voyager, but welfare looks nice at least