5* Servant rate up helped by 4*?

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Like the title said, in a day when the 5* and 4* servants are available in the gacha at same day,
the 5* is going to be more problaby to appear? I know this in a event can be true, but in a normal campaing?

I know the gacha can be super random luck but i want to know the math behind this if a i can get A or B.
i want to make sure to get something in the next Salem campaing, i was savin’ up for Abby (&Eresh) since anniversary. :fgo_casgilworry:

I’m preparing now for Setsubun event so i want to know btw if Caster of Midrash will be suitible for me as a new acquisition. (I actually have CasGil, Helena and Medea already leveled for make u a idea, the rest casters´ 3* are lowlvl´except for Hans, Mozart and Shakepeare.)

If a Servant is on rate-up, you are more likely to pull them vs others, as simple as that. Servants of different rarities do not influence each other’s pulls, they are what they are. Your chances of pulling an SSR are always a small 1%, and rate-up SSR 0.7%, and blah blah blah. Summoning rates are present on every banner under the Summoning Info tab.

If you like and want her. She’s plenty capable, and is a reasonably NP-spammy DPS Caster. If you’re patient, you can pull her roughly next Nov during the 15M DL analogue. If you want an offensive ST Caster at all, Halloween 4 brings Shuten (Caster). Meanwhile, Inheritance of Glory almost midway through the year brings the phenomenal AOE Arts Caster Sieg (who can also refund farm nicely). Further, Mecha Liz’s event will rerun before Shuten’s event.

Setsubun can be completed without shiny golds, you just need to have time and character management skills given every node taking 1 AP and the Servant cooldown shenanigans. It’s got a damage boost CE a la Nero Fest and others, so, pretty easy to game.

Rate up of SRs do not affect your chances of pulling rate up SSRs and vice versa. However, having multiple SSRs on rate up at the same time does affect your chances of pulling a specific one of them.

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The former part of your post has already been answered, but I will say with certainty that you will not be disappointed by picking up Caster of Midrash.

She will be the best non-5* servant for taking down Assassins (outside of Berserkers) until Shuten-Douji (Caster) comes next October, but even besides that she has respectable team support.

She’s also very crit-enabled, and given that you have a Caster Gilgamesh, they will work hand-in-hand quite well.

Plus, I mean, look at her:

It’s important to get her now if you want her since she’s story-locked and thus has zero chances of spooking (unless you roll story banner).


Thanks for reply! :fgo_astolfo:
Now i’m not scared about SR & SRRs pulls, i’m not going to try to roll when multiple SRs coming up in a event. :sweat_smile:

Oh! Thanks for the advice!
Btw, Caster of Midrash (or ChocoBunny, i am the only one who saw her as bunny?) come back in Gilfest and i’m not very patient person. IlostBBwhileiwastrappedinCamelotandthewaitisawful.

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