5 star servants on summon tickets

Im wondering, does gacha love me or does it just like playing nice? ive gotten 4 out of my 12 SSR servants after only using maybe 5 or 6 tickets after all quartz are gone,so i am wondering if maybe the gacha gods just felt bad for me, for instance i saved 330 quartz for eresh when she came out, but before her the foreigners were released and i couldnt resist going for Abigail, well out of the 35 tickets i had saved for eresh i decided to only use up to 10 tickets…didnt even make it to 10 on the 6th ticket i got her…then 330 quartz spent on eresh i didnt get her but got Tamamo. was mad, then onto the tickets, well…6 tickets in i land eresh. just insane gacha luck im thinking

edit: after counting through them…it seems all of the SSRs except those 4 (now 6) they were all just “yolo” rolls. and last night im glad i broke down and went for ivan…used 120 quartz and landed both Florence and Ivan…hm?

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…that’s just how RNG works.


Randomness is random. Probability tends to work in streaks, which is counter-intuitive to the human brain, since we are hardwired to recognize patterns, even when there isn’t one. You’re going to have lucky streaks and unlocky streaks, but in time your luck will regress to the mean.


Just like on that moment I rolled for Enkidu and got 6 copies out of 10 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Luckiest roll of my life :joy:

Gonna trade this with any starter account with Altria Pendragon (Lancer) in it
Lvl 1 would be fine

I already have a maxed out Enkidu anyway so I don’t need this anymore :joy: