5* Ticket Advice: Specter or Warfarin?

What the title says. 1 week playing the game so far. Currently at 2-1 storywise, and farming what I can from Dossoles. Only 5* and above Operators so far are La Pluma, Caster Amiya, Blue Poison, Projekt Red (from the other ticket), Sniper Ch’en and Exusiai.

Pretty much every guide I’ve read regarding the voucher proposes Specter as the best pick, but from reading up on various operators’ skills and talents, it seems like Warfarin would make a great companion to Exusiai (once sufficiently invested in of course).

Current main ST caster is sussurro and AOE guard is Popukar. I’d share pics of the operators like others do, but frankly, no one is even E1 yet and I still haven’t put anything into leveling skills so it may as well be a 1 day account with some exp and LMD spent. (i.e. everyone is so low level that it sort of feels unnecesary at this point in time, though feel free to correct me if that’s not the case)

Asking since, from what I understand, Warfarin seems to be a more significant addition to my specific roster in the long run, but then again, I don’t really understand enough of the game to be sure of how significant the addition of Specter would really be and if it would instead be a more significant addition.

No positive or negative character bias regarding either of them.
Thanks in advance.

Your pick?
  • Specter
  • Warfarin

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It’s generally agreed upon that Specter is one of the best if not the outright best 5* in the game, belonging to one of the best Archetypes in the game (AoE/Centurion Guards) and having an incredible set of traits like Passive Regeneration, High Damage and being literally unkillable for a short period. She’s a pretty massive QoL for any account, new or old so getting her is a pretty huge boon

Warf on the other hand is a bit more niche in her use. While she does provide some SP Regen akin to Saria, this isn’t based on who she’s healing and is instead applied randomly to OPs within her range. The targeting of her S2 is also random and you generally won’t be using it for most content over S1, since the atk buff from it isn’t going to be needed outside of certain strategies. Still her S1 isn’t that bad of a healing skill but that’s not really what I’d be selling her on

Despite what I’ve said, it’s always best to go with whoever you’d want to have more, or if you don’t have preference towards either, who could fill a gap in your team



You can add a poll if you like :slight_smile:

Personally - It’s a easy Specter vote from me. She is kind of irreplaceable in many situations because she has 12-15 seconds of immortality, whereas there are other options to Warfarin’s buff.

Hopefully this selector thing becomes a yearly thing (I can’t see why not), so whoever you don’t get this time around, will be waiting for you next time around


I will add, synergy with Abyssal hunter ( example Gladia for Free) and Skalter :ak_skadidance:.

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Didn’t Gladia’s event already have it’s run on global though? From what I’ve been told, Reruns aren’t as common in AK.

I think you’ll get a chance to have her later with a rerun or during cc.

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Nope, Under Tides rerun happened on CN at the beginning of June. And Global lags about 6 months behind