500 (exactly) orbs Vs red hell

Claimed all my saved up orbs (Mail, Normal and Hard map difficulties) for the Duel skills banner, redeemed some play points as well for orbs, so in the end I had 502 orbs. the results:

3x Laegjarn merges,a merge for Minerva, and a bunch of juicy fodder. Only really underwhelming pull was A!Camilla, but I can’t really count her as a bad pity-breaker since

And Lyn and Kiria both came on circles with Laegjarn so no harm there.

All told pretty good. I’m at 2 orbs and still have the monthly orbs to claim so here’s hoping that final merge will show up (F!Ike was my very last pull though).


Only one more to go for her! :feh_nino:

Good pitybreaks too, so congrats!


11 5* in red hell with 500orbs? ~45 orbs per 5stars in sniping red is really good! Congrat! You got somes nice pitybreakers too! (Other than A!Camilla)


She’s done (with merges)!!!

In around 120 more orbs I got a Say’ri and Flying Olivia before this final circle:

This was certainly an amazing banner for me.


Congrats! She looks better than ever, and I’m glad you finished her finally :feh_flaynsmile:

Now just to get those flowers :catroll:


You didn’t even @ me for this. :feh_maristare:

But congrats! She looks amazing! :feh_flaynsmile:


Im at 23 Flying flowers so that may take a bit :catroll:

Sorry, I got caught up in finally merging her.

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Yeah I’m so short on flowers too :catroll:

I have exactly one unit that has actually been maxed :feh_notlikethis:

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