5th Anni (Let's Gooo!)



Wish I could go to AnimeExpo again this year and watch it in person. First anniversary was so much fun with seiba’s VA too afraid to cut her pretty cake and Arash’s VA reciting his full Stella chant, then walking off stage to pretend that he died.


oh, no… another birthday roll for me…

What am I going to do


Castoria is near!!!


Really hope they do what other JP Streams have done in the past and make it a separate live stream with no live audience. 2-san just had a Covid scare a couple of months ago and it’d be a shame if he caught it while visiting.


Oh dear, I’m so swamped with work that I didn’t even realize it’s almost Anniversary time :'D on the other hand, maybe it’s for the best - no time to fret over anni gacha :fgo_deadinside:


Oh thank god they fixed it


so is this going to be a “update dropping after the event” deal or some time later?

It’s been maintenance during event and free reign after in the past


If it is confirmed that the anniversary would be on July 3, then this definitely confirms that Ooku rerun would be pushed back after anniversary. From the remaining events left, I believe the next ones should be SERAPH main interlude release and also a week if hunting quests. Hoping I’m right since I still want to have a chance of getting Kama :fgo_kamagrimace:


Nah, Seraph and Ooku make PERFECT sense to run BEFORE anni.

-Summer Kiara is the lead SSR for Summer 5
-She was announced with 5th anni and has the 5th anni tag on her Art, big Arts looper to come out the week after anni
-Seraph and Ooku are her two stories before Summer 5 and kinda expected knowledge

1 week Seraph MI, 2 weeks Ooku. Done!


I can see seraph being pushed to after anni in favor of putting us through some 90+ hunting quest before Castoria though

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Why? (Close enough to) Everyone’s rolling Castoria anyway. Vegas is a harsher 90+ gauntlet than anything else as you literally can’t 3t it.

HQ came after anni on JP.

Plus it’s a seashell everything HQ as I recall, which has more incentive once Summer 5 comes and people have even more Summer Servants to gobble shells.

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I might not play jp, but the timeline of youtube videos clearly showed HQ came before Seraph and Ooku

Maybe it’s a different HQ you are thinking of? because the mats in the upcoming round are fangs, bullets, crowns, blood, roots, and eggs

They’ll run them alongside something else if soon, they won’t do a dead week in June. Vegas is a 3 week event that doesn’t need to be a 3 week event aside from for the glorious extra QP.

And HQ don’t incentivise gacha like story->character simping does. It makes no sense to run either after Summer 5, and Summer 5 is designed to follow anni as a big “Oh uber Arts support? Don’t have uber farmer? ARA ARA, LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE NEXT WEEK.


Remember, cyberbullying companies works


That’s a good point on wanting to ride that arts support wave into an arts dps. I guess I don’t really consider HQ to be a dead week, but running them concurrently with something could make sense, especially if Seraph is just a bunch of story missions.

Seraph has all of the grind taken out, and yes that’s literally how 5th worked in 2020. They announced Summer Kiara during 5th anni and she came out the week after.


Wait, I just remembered, is this when Izou gets his first outfit, because I’ve been looking forward to that!!


wait so Kiara and Castoria banner will have an overlapping period?