5th Anniv GSSR!

It’s that time again! There will be five pools, divided by year released. Which one will you choose?

For first timers, GSSR are special banners that happen every ~6 months, on New Year and Anniv. You can only roll a multi ONCE, but at least one 5* star (from a selected pool) is GUARANTEED to show up!

HOWEVER, you can only roll on GSSR with PAID Quartz. It requires 15. Be careful when purchasing, as the 12+4 SQ option DOES NOT WORK, as the 4 bonus SQ are considered free SQ.

It’s possible to get more than one 5*. And in this one there’ll also be a guaranteed 4*. All 5* are LIMITED Servants (though the 4s can be from the general pool). No 5s from the general pool are in the list.

So, let’s get to it (The year release is from JP, with a 2 year difference, so 2015 is 2017 on NA and so on…)

Bag 1 -

5* stars


4* stars


Bag 2 -

5* stars


4* stars


Bag 3 -

5* stars


4* stars


Bag 4 -

5* stars


4* stars


Bag 5 -

5* stars


4* stars


  • Bag 1
  • Bag 2
  • Bag 3
  • Bag 4
  • Bag 5
  • Will not roll!

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Make a poll!

Going for latest year 2020. Gonna risk it all for Spishtar Rider Vinci and Summer Musashi!


Good idea! Just added it.


Bag four is god tier outside of the one that needs voltaren.


You should show the 4*s in the pool for this one too, since that also changes with each bag and could help sway somebody (they’re mostly tied on 2 different 5* pools but love the SR servants in one way more than the other).


Years 1-3 are totally off the table.

It’s a tough call for me between 4 and 5 now that I’ve sworn off of messing with AA’s Append 3, but I’ll probably go with year 4. Space Ishtar and Yang are already NP6, and I do not want NP6 Summer Musashi or NP4 Bunny.

Voyager sounds neat, but then I remember that NP1 Voyager is potato af, so I would probably never use him.


Going with bag 2 since it has the best chance at a new super favorite and the only bad outcome is Kiara


I think if I edit to add them it will reset the poll… does anyone know?

Only if you edit tthe poll iirc

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That is still the best option though, the $12 pack + the $4 pack gets you the 15 paid SQ you need, plus 8 more, for the cost of $15.98

If you’re only looking for the SQ for this though then 15x of the $0.99 solos are the absolute cheapest as that’ll cost you $14.85.


Bag 5 is the best one but I wont be rolling that one because I have all those servants except Astolfo, Da Vinci and Musashi. Bag 4 I am risking an USO with Maou Nobu but I really want Kama, with Arjuna Alter being my 2nd pick. USO aside the only servant I don’t want is Murasaki because I just don’t like her kit.


I added the 4* stars images for each Lucky Bag


Bag 2 is the one I’ll go for if I roll… But the jackpot to not again ratio is pretty poor, so good chance I’ll end up skipping altogether.


I’m almost definitely rolling 4 on both accounts.

Way too many high level dupes for SR and SSR in 5.

3 is 100% not an option after getting Skadi dupes on both accounts last year.


Not my favorite selections this time, but a cheap 5 Star is hard to pass up so I’ll be rolling Bag 5. 20% jackpot/40% acceptable result are decent chances, but honestly I’ll take anyone that’s not Musashi


Hard choice for me, The latest year has the most 5 stars I don’t have since I have been in save everything for Castoria mode for a long while now I only have Da Vinci Zero and SI out of that bag, and has Summer Carmilla which I really do want.

On the other hand the previous year has the most 5 stars I would actually use in that I don’t have Kama, and QSH, and wouldn’t mind another NP level for AA. If I am luck I could also get the last copy of Luvia I need for NP5. However, I could also get Reines who I somehow got to NP 5 in less than 300 SQ bc of of course I would get a 5 star with minimal value for multiple copies when trying to NP5 a 4 star.

Right now Leaning towards 5 probably wont decide until the day of see what my probably useless gut instinct tells me.


Bag 4 is probably the best bag available since Godjuna, Reines, Kama, and many others in the banner are outstanding servants. Though Reines is less valuable post Oberon, she’s still decent at CQ’s and such. Bag 5 is really good too. They have the advantage of being narrower pools of SSRs too compared to bag 1 and 2. Bag 3 just isn’t that exciting.

I’m picking year 2 because I have almost none of the servants and would love to hit a jackpot Squirtoria. It’s not a great banner by any means, but getting Squirtoria is something I want and there’s basically no way to get her outside of gssr unless she comes during thanksgiving or something crazy.


Bag 5 is the clear choice for me. Barring Astolfo and Voyager who I absolutely could care less about them, all of the 5* are good for me, and the biggest jackpot being either NP2 Space Ishtar or NP2 Orion. On the last day of the summer banner I made a final single yolo and Musashi became both NP3 and my lowest priority of the acceptable list.

Of the 4* pool, all of them can be considered a win, the biggest prizes for me being either Okita or Osakabehime. Caenis would be on the low end but I will still welcome her nevertheless.


year 1 for :fgo_danteskuhaha: and 4 other potential jackpots


this is probably the worst gssr because of how these are split into such large pools. next year’s anniversary gssr uses the same year based pools, but with each year split in two, which is definite improvement on this one. still gonna roll though since it’s not too hard to mitigate potential damage.