5th Anniversary (JP)

New website for 5th anniversary of FGO JP.
Enjoy the illustrations.
Think its a build up to the game update announcements.
Alot of nice wallpaper featuring our favs. Check it out!
Click on 6/13 and a window will pop up and you can click on the various links.
Basically, they have drawn our fav servants visiting various locations in Japan.

My fav.


Booooooy!! Gotta love the picture of Jack.
It’s kinda adorable.


Can’t wait for the last set.

And we can appreciate this one much more after LB2.


I think I recognized everyone. Just not sure about the places.
But the one on the beach is Martha. You can tell by her long white hairband.

Not sure what picture Toyama is.

Edit: Yeah, I’m just stupid. I just looked at the pictures and didn’t realize the names of the places are written down below.
Also that the names of the Servants are written there as well.

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It’s Scathach-Skadi :stuck_out_tongue:

I figured it out when I saw the = sign.

For context: I asked about a bunch of Servants but I figured them out then deleted the post.


These are beautiful! I just wish they have a higher resolution available because these are unusable on phones

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How adorable, is like she wanted to dismember someone, wait she actually do


Taking notes before carving another woodblock of mt fuji? Nice

Jealous! I want to visit during sakura season


I’m surprised they didn’t put any of the Sakura faces instead of Danzo.

These wallpapers are great! These are my favorites, but all of them are very good


Where do you find these textless version?


Oh wow if this is a ploy for tourism advertising it’s a very well done one.

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Sankaku channel, but beware, there’s a lot of NSFW pics.

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They’re really nice.


thanks I will go look for them

edit: christ that is an understatement :fgo_buster:

That looks like Artoria (3rd ascencion) and Lily (3rd ascencion) had a love child.

I know what you must be thinking “that’s the same person!”

Yes, and just like my favorite sci fi short story it emphasizes the dangers of time travel.

Love these! Looks like there’ll be some more new ones on 7/6,

Since I have nothing better to do
no life
Since I was bored, I decided to try to translate the dialogue that came with each image. It’s definitely not all going to be 100% accurate since I know rudimentary Japanese, but I hope to convey at least the meaning accurately.

“Isn’t this a wonderful flower field! By the way, where are the beautiful women?”

“Master, won’t you please lend me your hand?”

Ushiwakamaru & Benkei
“What’s wrong, Benkei-bou, hasn’t your pace dropped?”
“Muun! Not yet, not yet!”

Note: The bou attached to the end of Benkei’s name appears to mean “priest”

Sei Shounagon
“Chan-masu! Do you want to take a picture?”

Note: Judging by her in-game dialogue, Chan-masu is how Shounagon calls her Master by switching the suffix to the front and shortening “Masutaa” into “Masu”.

“Is mommy, not here—!!”

“Oh, is that all you’ve got? Russia’s winters are much harsher.”

Assassin of Shinjuku
“If dreams are what you can pass over, then this dance, I will dedicate to Master’s dream.”

Note: Not 100% on this.
主人 means master while the マスタ— in the parenthesis is master spelled in katakana.

Katou Danzou
“This is…! There really isn’t need for illusions.”

“How strict, unun, I’m grateful for this waterfall!”

Note: Not 100%

“Fufu. This road is rather calm and fun, is that not so?

“This place underground, too, is rather okay!”

“I feel calm. There’s some good light here.”

“Aah, it’s like a starry sky on the ground!”

“To the people of this sleepless city, my respect and blessings.”

Leonardo da Vinci Lily
“This is good, just to my tastes! It’s like Florence!”

Paul Bunyan
“It’s pretty and big! It’s just right to sit on.”

“So fluffy… It’s very calming…”

Katsushika Hokusa
“Father didn’t draw this place, did you?”

Note: Not 100% sure on this.
とと様 (toto-sama) is what Oui calls her dad using the last syllable of the usual “otou-san”.

Fuuma Kotarou
“Come, let’s go, Master! Let’s glide (parallel turn)!

Note: 主殿 is another way of saying master except with a suffix.

“This is good. Truly spectacular. Made only through natural forces, you can’t take your eyes off it, huh?”

Note: Not sure on the last bit but that translation fits the best in English.

“Just a little bit longer. Let’s watch the red evening together.”

Note: The ゆうべに in the parentheses is the hiragana spelling of 夕紅 which would otherwise be pronounced differently, I think.

Yu Miaoyi
“Afterwards? I’m going to Sabae. Matching glasses with Lord Xiang Yu.”

Sherlock Holmes
“Gassho, huh. It seems to signify praying in this country, doesn’t it?”

Note: Gassho as in putting your hands together. You can look up an image in Google.

Mori Nagayoshi
“No matter how you look at it, fireworks are great, huh? Bloom and scatter!”

Note: This is said in a rather rough way, but there’s no way of conveying that here.

Mysterious Heroine X
“This was excellent! Master, let’s have one more round!”

“That’s right! This scenery is a waste by myself!”

Marie Antoinette
“Come, let’s be proud of the way we bloomed! Vive la France!”

Amakusa Shirou
“This is a comfortable warmth. Like this place, faith too will grow.”

Note: Thanks to Gou for clearing some of my confusion with the translation!

“I… arr… ived…! Uu~♪”

Brynhild & Sigurd
“Finally, our honeymoon, my love.”
“Saying that in front of people… It troubles me…”

Note: :heart::heart::heart:


Note: This was especially difficult to translate, even more than Amakusa’s. It’s so difficult, I just flat out gave up. If anyone could translate that, please do share!

“Ha ha… Hallelujah! Ha ha… Hallelujah!”


こそ is added for emphasis. You see it more in formal and literary styles, and also in stock phrases like “こちらこそ”

Almost forgot using it in arguments, too. Handy for highlighting hypocrisy :slight_smile: (“No, you are!”)


The pictures look so damn beautiful! I really want that martha one for background.