5th Anniversary Under The Same Sky CE's and Strengthening Quests

Gacha featuring Under The Same Sky CE’s

Memorial Quests that give summoning tickets and exchange tickets for the Under the Same Sky CE’s

Servant Strenghtening Quests

1st Day is Phantom’s charm skill and something new for Bryn. It looks like the skill symbol used for NP batteries.


1st Day:

  • Phantom: 2nd skill can now apply to any enemy, removes buffs, and CD is reduced by 1
  • Brynhildr: 2nd skill now has a (20%-30%) NP battery

2nd Day:

  • Darius: 3rd Skill applies a 20% Buster debuff to all enemies for 3 turns and CD is reduced by 1
  • Raikou: NP Strengthening that applies a 20% crit chance down debuff to all enemies for 3 turns

3rd Day:

  • David: NP Strengthening that deal extra damage (200%) to giant enemies.
  • Yu Miaoyi: 2nd Skill has the buff removal resistance buff increased to 3 turns and now also applies a 3 turn (20%-30%) Attack buff to self.

4th Day:

  • Nezha: NP Strengthening that also increased the burn amount to 3000.
  • Arjuna: 2nd Skill now also charges Arjuna’s NP gauge by 10% each turn for 5 turn and the CD has been reduced by 2.

5th Day:

  • Caster Gil: NP Strengthening that gives the team a 30% Crit buff for 3 turns.
  • Musashi: NP Strengthening that increases the NP buff OC effect to (30% - 90%) and now also deals extra damage (150%) to Alter Egos and Moon Cancers.

6th Day:

  • Cu: 1st Skill now gains an 20% + ([1- CurrentHP/MaxHP]*30%) Atk Buff for 3 turns and the CD is reduced by 1
  • Emiya: 3rd Skill increases the Card buff amount to (30% - 50%) and Emiya can now change his NP type to Arts for 1 turn.
  • Heracles: 3rd Skill can now have the guts stack multiple times and he gains a (20%) Buster buff for 5 turns every time he uses up a guts.
  • Artoria: 2nd Skill now also applies a (20% - 40%) NP damage buff for 1 turn and converts all of her face cards into Buster Cards.

there is no 7th day
6th day is a double


Completely missed that thanks

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Since literally everyone seems to be getting a battery these days, here’s hoping they decided to pimp Arju-boy’s to something like 30-50% scaling + reduce its CD. Alternately, make it extra outrageous at 50-80% charge, mirroring Sanzang.


Yeah, this is why I want them to dial down on batteries - Servant kits get too similar

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looks at my lvl 1 Arjuna You better get that or else free rare prisms for me

Phantom’s upgrade is fine. Charms that only work on certain types of enemies are super outdated though it is a bit boring that it’s pretty much the same upgrade that Alexander got.

I also felt that Bryn’s upgrade was unnecessary. Her kit was already pretty good and her overall np gain is fairly decent. I don’t think the np battery changes her play style in any meaningful or significant way like the upgrade to her 3rd skill did.


Brynhildr can now NP turn1 with Merlin BG and Waver instead of double waver, that’s a big boost to her first turn damage potential.


I’m happy for Bryn but I was hoping for an NP buff for Tamalancer

Oh well, there’s always next year :feh_elisad:


Here’s to hoping the R Lancer is Proto Cu!

Though in all likelihood it might end up going to Taiga cuz Babylonia

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Diarmuid cries in a corner :'D


Oh yeah… Forgot about him…


He cries louder now, can’t you hear? :'D

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I got him to 6/6/6 he’ll be fine.

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Yes please. The cooldown reduc has been a wish since time immemorial.

Other than that, getting the pesky demerit from Tristan’s 2nd skill removed sounds fine too.

Will it be the fabled Moriarty NP interlute?
I can only dream


Pretty suspicious to be honest, maybe the cast of Stay Night but that would be borring but would have a lot of sense that they were together


Yes buff emiya and herc some more :fgo_buster:

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These buffs coming in hot already

This won’t make Phantom good or anything but it’s a step in the right direction