5th copy of Dive to Blue?

Anyone get the 5th copy already?
I know we still get the rerun next year, but I really want to have the MLB one after summer. Do u guys have any tips? And if I need to eat some apples, do u know when to use them since I’m saving for nerofest.

Only used a few silver apples, got 6th copy already.
It’s not really worth it to use apples since it’s chance based drop. If you couldn’t get one you just have to wait for next year.

I second the guy above me. Just keep grind those 40ap nodes until you find one. You can use apple but don’t overdo it. I got one btw.

I got Dive to Blue drop but not seaside Luxury.

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I got 2 Seaside Luxury drops and no Dive to the blue. Better just wait for next year

If you have the same luck I have, you might as well wait till next summer. I have yet to MLB an event ce the first time I played the event with drops, unless it was a lottery or we got 5 from the shop or points latter.

No matter how many apples I regrettably use, and times I do a quest, I have yet to get a drop during those events.

Now I’m gonna go listen to some sad music…

I got lucky and got both Seaside and Dive rly early, in rounds 3 and EX2 IIRC.

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And you got np3 caster Nero! This event loves you!!!


I ran it 70+ times already, but nothing, but will just hitting it with natural regen until event ends, if still nothing then I guess it can’t be helped … but I really want the MLB one as a budget great CE for SaberLot

I’ve got no 5* in this whole event right now, still wouldn’t MLB it because I have plenty of 50% gauge CEs

I really wish the shop would just sell a 5th copy even if it’s absurdly expensive like 2000 gold currency. That way folks with E luck with rng can mlb it. I barely got a drop at the end of last Halloween events, but never did during nerofest and the Christmas rerun so holy night sign and joint recital are forever stuck with 4 copies.

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Yeah…every time I see HNS in my CE inventory I die a little inside.

I got zero 5 star CE drops on Summer 1 first time through. I am at 7 Blue thanks to 2 drops during Summer 2. I don’t recommend using apples but you do you. Play your style, if you want to ensure an MLB version before next year, that is your prerogative.

I have 6 copys from spending about 240 AP a day. No apples used.

Got both Event CEs rather early into the event. Iirc I got them both even before I bought all of their copies from the event shop.
Since I know how good Dive to Blue is, I’m so grateful I got that fifth copy.

I did. And it’s currently level 30.
All of its effects benefit Kiara a lot and until my Tamamo’s 1st skill gets upgraded and i’m able to NP2 Kiara she needs all the help she can.

There can be only one response to this.

Nobu no Nobbu! Mwha ha ha!

Right as the last candy run is made, Dive to Blue drops. That means I can limit break it to go through the Noodles even more quickly with my 4 White Cruising.

To answer the OP’s question, your best bet is to run dynamite as you clear the shop of everything. Including the Monuments to a degree, if you haven’t kept up with farming and are running low. Whether it drops or not is up to chance, but going through most of the shop means you may get it. Then again, if you don’t and have cleared the shop, it’s probably time to give up and wait for next year.

Literally just luck. Spend 1000 apples, you might get it, you still might not. Spend 0 apples, you might get it, you still might not. Its just the gacha but instead of SQ it costs AP

Honestly i dont think its worth using apples on, unless you are missing out on some of the event shop still need to farm more but theres not enough regen ap (which is unlikely)

With Nero Fest taking precedence (and the JP stuff today), I shelved the idea for some farming advice for Part 2.

But I think you should not go all out farming for Dive to Blue. It seems much better than it actually is. The reduced attack stat (not fully aligned to attack) limits its use compared to a maxed Sumo or HNS (or indeed, Aerial Drive).

You can always grab a 5th copy next year. With Nero Fest coming, newbies (who can use this CE the most) don’t have the apples to spend for farming this, while veterans have the alternatives not to. Sort of a catch-22.

How many 5*/4*/3* Summer CE do you have?
For me (who only have 1 5* Summer CE and 3 3* Summer CE) eventhough i got the 5th copy, I wouldn’t MLB it, since it have game drop bonus and will really helps on rerun (usually you need to buy CE from shop 1st, but if you keep them non MLB and still separate them, you can skip to buy summer CE on shop).