6 hours, hundreds of machop and a case of carpal tunnel later

This was an epic community day, I started so I was determined to finish but I’m not counting this as fun. The XL system has to change.

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Nice, but defintely must had boost or stored lots candy before.

I also played full time hardcore, and managed to get just 203 XL( 6 h Snowy weather, had 1 XL before this CD)). Still have 5 k regular candied, but it isnt even close to max my Perfect Shadow Machamp.

My intention was to play for 3 hours and see how close I was to 296 XL candy and either play more or stop. After an hour I only had about 50 so I said screw it. To make things worse just after I got into my car to get some lunch the weather changed to Cloudy :frowning: I did manage to get a good IV Machamp for UL that only needed about 5 power ups.

I played from home and a bit more than half-time, with one and a half scents. Respect, you really got tons of XL candy. I had around 150 or so (brought my lvl 40 hundo to 3273). It was ok, since I was not SO seriously grinding, but it felt like work sometimes.

Still don’t know why we have to change the xl system, but well. Seems to me that, like most of the time these days, everybody wants everything for themselves as soon as possible… But why not? Freddie mercury would be proud :D

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I’m fine with XL, I don’t really care about Machamp XL but Melmetal at 49, Mamoswine at 47.5, Abomasnow, Shiftry, Drifblim already set just play these times with buncha spawns. Legendary stuff? Well who cares

I played a circuit of the town, it’s about a mile loop, with about 15 stops, 7 gyms so you’re always within at least one lured stop. I usually play my partner’s account too but as she isn’t bothered I sacrificed that to use the quick-catch trick. I did have a bit of a start, about 40 or so.

@stativision I didn’t make my point properly (well ok I didn’t make it at all) there so understand why you say that. I’m by no means saying XL candy should be as easy as regular candy. After 6 hours of solid play having just got enough to max a regular pokemon, not a legendary, pseudo or other rare but popular type I was thinking ahead to how, in the name of anything even vaguely logical, we might be able to get these things beyond level 42 within 5 years unless something rebalances? I can’t see, with the current system, how I’ll ever have a level 50, say, Rampardos or Salamence.

Maybe that’s the point? You can get your run of the mill stuff to 50 in a few months or a year depending on availability, but maybe you’re not meant to get anything in the top few tiers to 50?

Just that after 6 solid hours of grinding when my target was the only thing spawning, it put into perspective how difficult getting even a pidgeot to level 50 would be. Similar principle I managed to get my regular mamo to 50 last month and that was targeting an event spawn literally every day for a month. Its just become work.

So, I suppose, I’d better take my own advice and just play the fun bits of the game. I don’t need level 50 mons, I don’t lose because I don’t have them, so I can play fine without them.


Having said that I don’t see how people can make XL Gunfisk or XL Skarmory. I could have done Umbreon but I have Glaceon to level 48 instead. No way could I do Gunfisk or Skarmory, maybe Niantic likes it that way

Good job on the XLs.

I managed 101 being stuck at home using the Go-Tcha, and only had 30 minutes of cloudy weather (typical :unamused:).

I’m yet to check, clear or trade higher level Machops, but I’ll probably do that once I’ve had a breather and my eyes have recuperated and vision is no longer blurred. Hopefully i’ll double my XL count.

(If anyone picks up on blurred vision while using the Go-Tcha, I played both my alt and wife’s accounts manually :woozy_face: )

On the other hand I am impressed that you got a mamoswine to lvl 50. Plus maybe that shadow machamp today. Plus maybe some other mons past lvl 40something. I think that’s quite fast, but i always wondered how the HC grinding players got some mons to lvl 40 (haxorus, even togekiss, but there I just had bad luck - and I don’t like to invest RC into that) of which I only can dream of… but I am quite sure the XL candy reward system will change in the future with getting them as rewards for pvp or for quests. I mean, lvl 50 is just a few weeks old, back in the early days some people also were thinking how the hell they should get their legis to lvl 40! Remember there was a time without even RC! You don’t need to change the system, you just let rewards enter…

I think that’s quite fast, but i always wondered how the HC grinding players got some mons to lvl 40

It’s all 'bout da drift

I was only in work 1 day this week, so my main is currently at 50km and my alt at 24km

Mamo was one of my favourites so when swinub was a December boosted spawns i hunted it constantly. It really helped that I got some helpful weather too as well as I think some luck with the numbers both in terms of level and xl drop rates.

Aside from that I’ve nothing above 40, although I do of course have some other xl candy but just 5 here, 10 there apart from the standard everyday trash spawns. So yes, how people get either hatch or raid only stuff to 50 is beyond me.

You’re right, it’ll come over time, things will be added, xl rare candy will start dropping and we’ll just build stuff up. I recall getting my first mon over 3000cp a dragonite, using it for everything. Now the poor guy can’t get a lookin for anything but gym defence.

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if i had only 50 per hour, i would have now 50 champ. My Alt got 130 after almost 5 h. Looks like i had really bad luck…

It’s the quick-catch trick that makes the difference for me. I tried to practice it a few times in the past but always gave up. Last year I really practised (lockdown boredom) and got it right, although I upgraded to a slightly bigger phone which might also help. The difference is amazing in time saved per catch.

I remember the first charmander day when I played 3 hours solid, I’d stocked up on pinaps, it was sunny and I had amazing luck catching things, nothing would break out and I think at the end I had about 900 charmander candy. Allowing for having a few already I’d caught maybe 120 in 3 hours.

The catch animation, I believe, lasts about 15 seconds, then even if you don’t appraise you lose another few seconds clicking out of the screen. So for every 4 you catch you lose over a minute with that crappy animation.

It’s hard on the hands and it’s not sonething I’ll do playing in more relaxed circumstances but when you’re in effect up against the clock, it’s a winner.

I figure they need to make something difficult…I didn’t play with my full attention and rationing pokeballs, lotta stardust and many shiny (21 Machop shiny on my main). However, I started with 20 Machop XL and I finished with 205 XL. They don’t want to make shiny tougher, casuals and kids will be turned off. Usual for me though: 21 shiny and the highest IV% was 64%. 12 outta 21 were total IV% below 50%

Without grinding up candy took my best Machamp to 47.5; with cashing in candy could get 1 more level higher

I got a 98% shiny today. It’s level 1.

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Only did a couple hours of real grinding, only 85 XL candy. Too cold out and on kid duty all day. Left to my own devices I’d have hit it harder but so be it. Machop is common enough to get there eventually just playing.

Anyone make any PVP Payback Champs? I wound up with a couple of top 50 rank shinies for GL and UL, and had a 91% shiny that had been sitting around, so made 3 shiny Payback Champs, one for each league. Haven’t powered them up or double moved them, who knows if I ever will, eventually I suppose, but darned if they don’t exist if it ever turns out meta relevant.

I’m so happy with this community day! And thanks to the Go Plus I’ve bought I caught Machop like crazy!


Shundo!! That Machamp is a beauty. Congratulations!

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Saved up 400 Pinaps, 300 Great Balls and 200 Ultra Balls. Ended the day with zero Pinaps, less than 20 Great Balls and about 50 Ultra Balls. Earned 300+ XL candy.

Exactly. The conversion rate (100 regular candy to 1 XL candy) is ridiculous; 20:1 would still be very difficult but at least more reasonable. Consider the impact on PvP (ML Premier Cup should also ban level 41+ Pokemon).

We say that but above poster had 1074 XL Machop candy and 14,000 machop candy. We assume we are great players, maybe we are not. Perhaps we need to slow down better players instead of complaining how tough maxing is…not Niantic’s fault, its the players that are better than us’ fault