6 hours, hundreds of machop and a case of carpal tunnel later

I love that, even more because Vendetta sounds so much better than Payback.

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I know, right? Vendetta sounds really cool. As for me, I like Counter instead “Contraataque” though. In the past it was called “Contador” in Spanish which is either a person who works in accounting or the place where a seller is behind to attend a client. No wonder why they’ve changed it lol

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About that, I convert a lot of Machop candies in order to reach 1k XL ones cause I want to max out 3 Machamps (The shundo, another hundo and a 89% Shadow one). I had about 60 or 70k Machop candies, while the rest I’ve got them for catching. I’ve been catching Machops since 2016 lol

I saved up 500 Poke Balls, 250 Great Balls,150 Ulta Balls and 100 Pinaps. I ended with nothing lol

Still, I catch a lot and play a lot relative to my neighborhood but my neighborhood isn’t hyper-hardcore. Not often cloudy here, I’ve only caught 1400 machop…caught/resulted in 157 Machamp. Not gonna get me 10k candy in total. I guess that is fine because I just want the 1 to level 50, the others can stay at 40. I don’t see how XL’ing Machamp is a call to make getting things to level 50 easier, it seems about right. Me=barely care about Machamp, so moderate undertaking. You=care a lot about Machamp, so 4.5 years saving Machop candy

The XL system needs to be fixed. I agree with that. 100 candies in order to get 1 XL is a bit too much. I like collecting candies in general. I think the ones I have the most are Rattata and Pidgey candies (About 90k or 100k). Of course I converted 30k of them in order to max out a Pidgeot. I wish I had more Chansey candies in order to max the one I use to defend gyms (I only have 200 candies lol)

Exactly this is why I argue that it doesn’t have to be fixed. Lvl 50 should be something we cannot reach in a day by just converting candy.

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A lot of what this does is it separates real accounts from raiding/trading accounts. Also it separates people that catch 1000 pokemon a day from people that catch 100 a day. Those mass catchers can XL multiple of the same kind, they can maybe get a Metagross to level 44 or 45…I got BB and 1 XL level, not expecting to get it any higher anytime soon…I’d rather reign-in the major grinders instead of making it a little easier for me

I believe it does need to be fixed, and I don’t think community day Mons (that have a ridiculously boosted spawn rate for 6hrs straight) or common fodder Mons that have been available since day one make a good example of how “easy” it is to max something to 50. The overall accessibility of XL candy across the wider spectrum of available Mons is pretty abysmal, and for many of those Mons, the lvl 50 goalpost is out of sight entirely.

I don’t think Niantic should make bringing a Mon to lvl 50 easy, but it should be more realistic than it currently is. I know there was talk of code in the game of buddy Mons finding XL candy while walking. That and rare XL candy being added to the reward pool for raids would at least solve a fair amount of the current issues with the system, imo.


I only get around 200 or something XLs, used to max a non-Shadow hundo.

(More specifically, one I used for PvP)

Absolutely fine with special XL candy reward. Just don’t need to change the system for that :man_farmer:

If reliable XL candy acquisition is limited to special XL candy events (community days for example), wouldn’t that just result in even more event fomo though (which is something I don’t think most players want more of)? Seems like it would leave players who can’t grind the whole day at a disadvantage or feeling even more left out? Not to mention it still wouldn’t reliably address XL candies for most Pokemon species? :man_shrugging:

A question about XL Mons and PVP. Do great League and Ultra League allow XL mons or are they restricted to level 40 and below? If restricted then casual PVP players like me probably won’t bother to power up too many XLs for PVP as we generally PVP for the ETMs. Prior to the increase in level cap to 50, I caught a herd of Bunnelbys and had a perfect level 25 PVP IV Diggersby for GL. I wanted to power it up to level 40 for GL BUT then the level cap change happened and that perfect rabbit went from “hero to zero” and I once again am searching for a good one for an eventual level 50 PVP.

I wouldn’t let it stop you. There’s not a “huge“ difference between a perfect level 40 PVP mon amd a perfect 50. I mean, will you lose the straight up mirror, yes. But functionally, unless you intend on being a PVP whale taking on other PVP whales, particularly in GL and UL formats, an excellent level 40 PVP mon is going to work great.

Edit: to answer first question no they are not restricted, XL mons are a go in GL and UL


I am not a friend of any very limited special events, but the idea of limiting it to buddies sounds good. Maybe even best buddies only and some special requirements as well… difficult pokestop quests are fine with me as well.

But the problem of advantage for grinders stay, pokemon go IS a game for grinders. But for new grinders collecting XL candies is a bit more fair than “old” grinders just relying on their thousands of stored normal candies…

@kenbkk - your diggersby would still be more hero than zero. There is a difference, but it is still a tanky, fast mon with useful resistances… Granted a bit worse, but well. At least 50k or more stardust saved ;)

I think with XL the most similar example might be Meltan->Melmetal for those without a Switch (until recently). A friend of mine walked his and poured every RC he got into his single Meltan from the original quest. It took him absolutely ages, I can’t remember how many months but it wasn’t far short of a year. This is, arguably, worse in the current scenario and so, I’d agree with the above ideas of making buddies drop XL candy and maybe relaxing the catch/hatch drop rates, particularly in terms of XL drop rates from 10k. I’m not saying all 10K eggs should have 12 XL in them but seeing as they’re rare, a bit of a higher rate would be good.

Take, for example, Gible. I hatch a decent number of eggs and I bought the GoFest ticket last year so had the chance to catch a good few during that. I’ve seen 62 and caught 58. I think I raided about 6 Gible this last week. So, if each and every one of those Gible, whether catch, hatch or reward had dropped 4 XL, I’d just now have enough to L50 one Garchomp. Bearing in mind that’s something that was released in May 2019 and was a boosted spawn for a major event, that’s surely beyond reasonable. 20 months to get one Garchomp to L50 and that’s including a paid event that might account for 30% of them so without that paid ticket, it might take 2 years.

I think as a yardstick, it should be harder than getting a Legendary to L40, but not so hard that many players could literally never feasibly do it. I know that’s vague and that someone will always do it. I think we should get rid of the outliers, in that the mega-whales and the true hardcore grinders will always beat the majority of the playerbase to the next milestone, likewise the weekend only casual player will never make it. But those of us in the middle, within a reasonable range of what might be “standard” play, without needing to pay, should at least have a chance of hitting that mark at some point inside 2 years. That, of course, ignores the fact that you can’t have XL drop at all until you’re L40.

Or am i missing the obvious, is it meant to be like this so that as time passes, the newer, better mon will be capped at L40 or thereabouts, only creeping up incrementally and the older stuff is given a longer lifespan because it can be taken to L50? L50 Ttar v L40 Darkrai for example?

This is, I suspect, to be nearly as contentious as the Mega’s.

It is 250k to go from level 40 to 50, ignoring the XL candy. I like the XL candy requirements being high because I have 175k stardust. Someone that has 10million saved with easier XL candy…well, that is just rewarding pack rats…not something to reward, imo

Also people that have an average amount of stardust might XL power up old stuff instead of using it to take new stuff to a decent level. Not a good idea to have easy XL from old candy (bc it’ll also absorb stardust) when they are trying to both keep interest and generate excitement about new stuff

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Still don’t know why we have to change the xl system, but well.

I kinda get it - people want to power up their best and favourite (and most useful) Pokemon to be as powerful as they can. I’ve got 50-ish Level 40’s currently, most of whom I powered up the “Hard Way” - back when each power-up had to be done individually. (Ah, those were the days, weren’t they? Yes I hated my thumbs, why do you ask?)

As for why is the XL system the way it is, I can see one potential reason - to make it useful to catch “garbage” Pokemon. Pidgey and Weedle are garbage. Beedrill and Pigeot are Dex Entries - but Mega Pidgeot and Mega Beedrill are excellent. Without the XL system, I wouldn’t have bothered with Machamp day (I’ve got 3 Perfect Level 40’s already, and more than 2 million Stardust; I’m good), and I probably wouldn’t bother with Roselia day either (4 Shinies already, 2 at level 35 with Grass Knot, 3000 candies, I’m good there too) - these are “garbage” Pokemon to me. They aren’t garbage Pokemon in any other way, it’s just that I have so many, and so many good ones, that I simply don’t need any more.

But I do want XL Candy for them. So I’m going to catch them whenever I see them, probably use Pinap’s (if I have any) as well. I haven’t tried to catch a wild Rosalia in months (not that I’ve SEEN any in months, thanks to all the events - used to be more common than Pidgey’s, now I honestly don’t think I’ve seen one since the Summer), but I’m going to try to catch them whenever I see them so I might get XL candy for them.

As a secondary reason for the current system, I’d imagine the idea is to make us less focused on Top Tier Pokemon. Rampardos and Garchomp were noted above, but most changes to the XL system proposed in threads like this (like 20-1 instead of 100-1) would simply make players focus again on finding those Pokemon rather than, say, Excadrill and Gigalith. Or simply doing an insane amount of Legendary Raids to get XL Candy from those raids. Roggenrola nest or a single Cranados a half-kilometre away? In a normal situation, the obvious choice is to go get the Cranados. But you make it 100-1… and those Roggenrola’s look much better. Particularly when you can trade it and save 200 candies when evolving it.

Change the XL Candy system to make it 20-1, and the obvious choice, again, is to go for Cranados. And we’re right back in the same place we are right now, where garbage Pokemon are ignored and Awesome Pokemon are sought after. No real change to the game at all, just slowing down the exact same problems we’re seeing now.

But players want to have their Awesome Pokemon up at Level 50 - which I get, and sympathize with. Part of the reason I played as much on Machamp day as I did is that I want my 98% Purified Machamp to be Level 50 one day. (I’d like my 3 Perfects up there too, but they aren’t Lucky nor Purified, so will cost way too much) Same with the Roselia day in February - I’ll be out there catching as many as possible to get as many XL candies as I can.

So really, the only change I can see for the XL system would be to add Rare XL candies as rewards wherever you can get Rare Candies now. Do a raid, possibly get an XL candy as a raid package reward - that’s about the extent of the changes I would make to the system.


I agree, also I want to get my favs to lvl 50. The longer it takes, the more rewarding it feels, but still I want to see some progress. This is why I now chose some different favs then the typical >3000 candidates… My lvl 45 wigglytuff for example. Or the off pick garbodor for UL PC. This is why I like the current XL system, same as you: you care a bit more about the neglected ones, just because they might have a little bit advantage here and there. And this is what it’s about for me. more than ever short on stardust anyway, so not much would change if I got more XL candy anyway

I agree most of your points, but have different opinion for Garchomp and Excadrill. Excadrill is more similar to Rampardos while Garchomp comparable to Gigalith. Between the two, I’ll choose to catch the Gible only for its rarity, but for actual use I’ll definitely go for the Drilbur.