6 Million Hp Ibaraki

So everything and everyone is talking how the new 2BP is going to be easier and more lucrative since you don’t need to post so many CEs on your party. If I (and maybe others) had no issues kicking the banana down from 3BP last time around and don’t have Gourd CE, would it still be more lucrative to peel her at the 3 Mil instead of the 6 Mil?

if we’re talking shop currency farming, it looks like while 3M has a higher drop rate, it’s only just barely. so 2BP is basically better in the long term for that

and the ladder is entirely clearable with just 2BP Ibaraki, so long as you’re able to hit her for a majority of your regen BP and at generally take out at least most of her HP for each run

plus, worse to worst: donuts are here to save the day

Realistically, iirc, I cleared 6Mil last go around in 6 turns or so, and probably won’t be using natural BP as I should. So it’s mostly a goal of Gourds>Drops>IRL Time>DP

if you were able to clear 3BP reliably last time, then perhaps focus on that for a decent chunk of the ladder first (maybe like around 40-60m DP) and then move on to 2BP?

though that said, the ladder should be much easier to clear this time too, even ignoring the new 2BP node and being able to keep DP if defeated. just because of the ladder only taking 200m to clear, as opposed to 300m the last time

ps 3BP looks to be better for the mats

In terms of Oni Gourds, the 2BP Raid is better than the 3BP one. With 6BP, you can run it 3 times for every 2 runs on the 3BP.

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This, basically. Clearing the ladder is a nonissue and 3BP costs 50% more BP, but doesn’t actually give 50% more drops. 3BP is more of a test of strength than anything else, anyone who can comfortably clear 2BP 3M has no reason to ever run 3BP.

But can we really reach 200M in just 7 days by clearing the 2BP only?

That’s the only reason why i am spamming the 3BP the first days, since we have less days than last time.

They’ve done the mnster math, and it’s definitely more than possible. If you find yourself struggling with natural BP regen then use your snacks for BP regen which I will probably do for those material drops :drooling_face:

You can even reach 200M in 7 days if you spam 2BP 1M and run 3M like 3-4 times, provided you don’t waste a signifciant amount of BP.
We get a total of almost 400 BP between regen and rice balls, it’s really a non-issue to clear the point ladder because the right friend support can almost clear 3M by themselves.

To give you a concrete idea…

7 days x 24 hours ( since regen is 1BP/hr) = 168BP.

168/2 = 84 runs.

84 runs x 3m HP = 252m.

And that’s not accounting for Riceballs. So as long as you don’t waste several days worth of BP, there’s actually no need to even need Riceballs for the damage points.

Instead, use the riceballs to farm the drops you want on their respective days.

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the actual event is a tad longer than 7 days though

don’t ask me why they have Ibaraki’s forms separated into days when this is the case. though it was like this last year as well, with of course even more time for the event iirc

So is AP irrelevant in this event? We just used it do dailies?

pretty much, yeah.

just do whatever with it that you want on the side

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Cool, thanks!

I’m glad that is so. It finally gives me a chance to relax and farm embers.
Also, to finish shinjuku.