6 Months and 430 orbs for this?


Fuck this game. It plays sick jokes made by greedy pieces of shit. How about send him to 10% 5* rate to be broken by a 4* with no personality. How about give him no red orbs to summon from? How about giving him SO MANY COPIES OF LASLOW! THANKS GAME BUT I DONT CARE ABOUT HIM! But what’s another 6 months right? It’s soooooo EASY!? Don’t be surprised if I disappear after this bullshit.




I assume you were pulling for Dorothea? Unfortunately, DSH can be like that. Still remember the poor soul who spent hundreds of Orbs for Duofonse on Omega DSH and kept getting haunted by NY Velouria.

Orb to 5 Star ratio is about 71.6 Orbs, which is not terrible for 6%. It’s important to remember that the 5 Star odds are unchanged from normal banners; there are just no off-focus pity breaks.


Me, who just spent 450 orbs for a single Dorothea after getting 4 Duo Líf


Maybe use some investigation skills Sherlock and you’ll find what I was looking for.

…Excuse me? You said you were pulling red and I see three Duo Lífs and one Dorothea and you’re complaining about being burned so it’s only natural to come to the conclusion that you wanted Dorothea

Líf was the one you were pulling for? Three Lífs in that Orb count is great? Why are you throwing a fit? Did the Raph pitybreak piss you off that much?


You’re right. I shouldn’t be getting this mad. Three is better than nothing, but 10% getting wrecked by Raph really got to me. I apologize if I’ve been an ass, but I wasn’t expecting them to show up til October. Now I have to wait another 6 months. I suppose it will be more when I try again.


Another thread complaining about shitty RNG in a Gacha


We all feel you. Gambling is a drag…


To put some perspective into it, you’re right at the 50th percentile for three copies

Things could easily have gone far more sour for you.


3 Lifs in that amount is decent enough. With colour sharing the odds are even lower so I’d say you got lucky.

I think my main concern out of this is how ya managed to only get 430 orbs outta 6 months, if I’m reading that right. Even on the lower end we get a bunch of orbs per month. If ya wanted more I would have summoned less and/or done more quests.


That’s the thing. I started saving in February and twice I got tempted to throw all my orbs away. Since June I stopped getting tempted by the game and I was hoping to have 200 more orbs by October.

Had I saved like I planned, I would have had 500 more orbs to use. Seems like I’m paying the consequences for my failure to resist.


I believe on average we get around 300 orbs per month(Augest is generally more and I think March is lower?). Yeah, summoning urges suck but that’s why it’s important to have a goal(s) in mind.

IS always likes to bait people with fancy looking banners and before you know it you’re back to 0 orbs.


We get roughly 300 orb’s, and looking at the orb count for the past 6 months we have gotten 1,876 orb’s (not counting the 37 orb’s yet to obtain this month)


That is correct, yeah. Mentioned that in the comment above :v.

It is nice to have a total though so thanks. Although I believe that’s under the assumption you’re in the top ranks for the orb giving gamemodes like tier 21 in Arena constantly. Regardless it should still be close to that for more F2P people.


Yah I noticed after I replied, was looking at the Orb Distribution page to add up the total for the past 6 month’s

Yah I’m pretty sure it is since it says 5 orbs for Arena, but even then it’s not too much of a huge difference




i wish that was me :sob:


I wish it was you too. At least velouria was a good unit/good fodder, preferred getting her to the like 6 or 7 pitybreakers I got.


Same. I wanted my beastgirls but got 3 Alfs and 3 Plumberia instead, no Selkie or Velouria at all.

And on odds, try spending 1200 orbs and not getting a single copy of the unit you wanted. Literally the unluckiest hundredth of a percent. That’s true pain. Admittedly a legend banner but that’s not far off the odds of a DSH banner. 3 copies of the one you wanted in 430 orbs, that’s good going.