6* Operator Leveling Advice

I know that there are tier lists for Operators and Masteries already, but I wanted to get the collective wisdom of this community on which 6* I should take to 90 next. I know I can probably get away with bringing them to E2 Lvl 60 or 70, but I do love to max my Ops. Also, I already have almost all the mats I need for Pozy, so I’m looking at who to focus on before Pozy gets here.

Who would you take to 90 next, from this list?

Hellagur (Lvl 70)
Nian (Lvl 70)
Archetto (Lvl 34)
Dusk (Lvl 25)
Ch’en (original) (Lvl 20)
Blemishine (Lvl 12)
Rosmontis (Lvl 1)
Gnosis (Lvl 1)
Carnelian (Lvl 1)
Aak (Lvl 1)

Eunectes (Lvl 55)
Magallan (Lvl 55)
Mostima (Lvl 55)
Rosa (Lvl 27)

Mizuki (Lvl 50)
Irene (Lvl 1)
Pallas (Lvl 1)
Fartooth (Lvl 1)
Fiammetta (Lvl 1)
Lumen (Lvl 1)
Passenger (Lvl 1)
Lee (Lvl 1)

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Whom do you have in your pool already maxed out?

Top tier ops from your list (per my pov) are lumen, irene, gnosis, blemshine and passenger, but you may want somebody fun like aak

I already have the other 6* that are released on Global up to Lvl 90 with a variety of M3s. I don’t know Chinese well enough to search bilibili to get an idea of which Ops will be most impactful in upcoming events or CC.

For EN server I do see Gnosis being used more and more, so I really like that suggestion, thanks!

Lee is really good in next CC risk 18, so as long as you don’t need any of this operator in some clear, he is my suggestion!

Lee S3 or S2?

Irene has excellent burst damage, Eunectes is a boss killer that can be improved with SP support and/or healing, like Blemishine, for example. Rosa too can be a great boss killer if you can find the maps for her.