6* operator Potential 4 & 6 cost?

Hello, Doctors! So, time ago I’ve started thinking about saving for an upcoming operator so there is no chance to not obtain it. So far it seems good, but recently I thought of going further and increase the potential of said operator. The problem is that I’m F2P in this game and also trying not to spend on it(or rather, I can’t).
Here is my question on how many orundum(or pulls) should I have so I can achieve at least a Potential 4 or Potential 6 on a 6 star.

So far, I’ve made an average calculation by getting into the Gacha simulator with the following results:


Theoretically, this should give some idea of what to expect, but still, is this the right thing I’m doing or should I take another way into doing this?
Thanks for the help you can give me, I appreciate it so much!

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Someone figured out the draw rate is 2.89% or 34.5 draws on average, due to the pity system. link

Working with this number, you can get an estimated average quite easily depending on the banner.

Single rate up (50%) 34.5 x 2 = 1 copy. 69 pulls for 1 copy.
Pot 5 = 345 pulls on average.
Pot 6 = 345 + 34.5 or 345 + 69 (depending on 11th or 12th pull) 345 + 51.75 = 396.75 rolls on average.

Limited (35%) 34.5 x 2.86 = 1 copy. 100 pulls for 1 copy.
Pot 5 = 500 pulls on average
Pot 6 = 567 pulls on average.

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In my opinion, one really does not need Potential levels in Arknights.

And this is another reasons why i like it more than FGO in terms of gatcha.

In FGO, drawing multiple copyes of a Servant improve their NP, the biggest source of damage a servant can do (most times)

So, you will see a huge difference in terms of damage from NP1 to NP5.

In Arknights, Potentials give only small quality of life improvements: a slight decrease in DP cost, a slight increase of a stat, a slight increase of a trait,…

But a Operator with Potential 1 is capable to deal Damage very similar to a Potential 6. And work overall like a potential 6 , too

So, for a slightly faster gameplay and slightly improved stats, one should ask:

“Is it worth to spend lots of Orundrum, knowing that i might be unable to get an operator in another banner because i will be broke?”

For some yes.

For me? Absolutely No.

Since Potential 1 and Potential 6 are only slightly different in my point of view…

…it’s better getting multiple Operators with potential 1 than way less different operators but all with potential 6


Seems interesting! Good point reminding me that there is also a pity system letting to get a higher chance to get a 6* operator! So far, the numbers are not that different. Thanks for adding a point to these calculations!

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I get that point, and you’re right. Having only a few 6* operators with a + is not that worth than having a little bit more but without an extra. But in any case this game is still some kind a waifu/husbando collector. For some people it may have no value, while some people think that it would be something special to dedicate a little bit more to a character so they could think of some achievement or a valuable action.

But still, it’s a valuable opinion from your side! I’m actually not sure if I could even get that so I can take this opinion as a brake in a situation when I should definitely stop! Thanks for your reply! :smile:

Sadly getting high potential on 6*s as a ftp player is an extremely difficult thing to do - I’ve been playing since about two weeks after the global release and my highest is Eyja with pot 3, thanks to the last Joint Operation banner that I was actually trying to get Ch’en from :laughing:

If you’re trying to max out your waifu then very few people here could judge you - mine just happens to be a 5* and so is a bit less difficult. Just keep in mind for that pot 5 on the numbers Thisoldworldkeepsspi gave means months worth of orundum, even on the single rate up banner (which typically only happens for an operator that was just released).

This is an old post from before Annihilation 3 came out, but the difference is only 100 orundum a week, meaning a difference of just under 1 pull a month. So the short version is you earn just about 25 pulls a month. That means unless the operator you’re trying to get potential for is on a single rate up banner, you’re looking at 4 months worth of pulls per copy.

Not impossible, but it is worth taking a hard look at to decide if it’s worth it for you. If you are able to do it as a FTP player, then you will certainly have earned your waifu’s love.

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