6 Tanith, no Pent?!

All I want is pulse smoke to make my Saizo the smokiest boy but not having any luck on this banner. Am I the only one that always feels the odds for shared focus units are hella skewed?

This is why I prefer summoning on legendary banners for whatever I can get sigh.

Anyways how’s everyone else’s luck on this bridal banner? What other good use for pulse smoke is there that you’ve thought of or put to use? Is it a good skill or am I overestimating it?


I got two Pents before but I pulled my first Tanith this morning, I really wanted Harsh Command +

I had luck like this on the VDay banner except I got the good unit four times in a row @ Greil

I guess we share a similar situation…
5 B!Caeda’s and no Charlotte.
Such terrible fodder…

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Shared banners can go either way… I lucked out getting two Summer Takumis (including a +Spd one) without getting blocked by Summer Linde, but I also pulled two Horse Chroms before I got a M-Morgan. I have nothing but sympathy for your luck, though.

Best luck I had on Bridals was a +Atk -Def Sanaki. When I first summoned from that banner I dumped 90 orbs into it and ended up closing off the session getting sniped by my first Hector. To really make it up for me, I YOLO summoned from the first bridal banner and got +Atk -Res Cordelia. That was a good day.

6 Tanith you say…? I got zero anything. :legion:

I very rarely pull on banners but ended up pulling on this one once saizo got his refine. After getting pity broken after 100 or so orbs sniping I gave up and then then decided I would go all in even if it took all my orbs. I got him first pull… whew.

It is a good skill. 6 taniths though… That’s rough my dude.

I got 2 Taniths (along with Selkie, Nailah, and 5 Star Mordecai, yes all beast pity breaks) before getting Pent. On the very first spring banner I got 6 Spring Xander before I got Lucina, so I know that kind of luck.

The game is trying to tell you saizo isn’t worth it.

Got Sigrun for my Soleil and a nice Fjorm last month. I started saving since then.

Already have had him at +10 for well over a year though. Now that he has a refine he actually finally is worth something!

I have big plans to pair him with smite Mordecai for some big boy shenanigans too. Double link paired with mordecais debuff smite and Saizo’s everysmokeever+refinebuff is gonna be fun as heck.

It is probably saizo best c but whatever