6mil download roll thread


New banner might as well start another one of these.

I was able to get a black grail and my second copy of Ishtar in 60 quartz might throw some at quetz later. Anyone else rolling or you saving for summer or the next two events?


I’m waiting for the Quetzalcoatl banner in a few days. For the hell of it though, I decided to throw some tickets for Ishtar. Got her in 3 tickets :fgo_rinlaugh:


Got Ishtar on a single ticket so I guess I’m fully stacked on Archer units for the time being

All I need right now is a Rider and an Assassin. Maaaybe a Caster, but honestly, I confess despite having talked mad shit about him on the past, Hans turned out to be pretty solid. People weren’t joking when they called him easily accessible budget Merlin


whaled quite a bit, and failed to get ishtar with 250 quartz ;(. feels bad

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I decided to roll on the Quetz banner till I get Gorgon and Medusa Lancer (or run out of Quarts). If Quetz shows up then she will be my new rider. Anything that is left will be used for Summer servants.

If Stheno shows up I will NP2 her and anything other appearances beyond that become rare prisms.


21 SQ 1 TIC, finally NP5 taiga, :fgo_buster:


got ishtar after 2nd ticket roll not expecting anything from it bc sort of like ishtar bc rinface but i already have 3 gold aoe archers which i all have raised PLUS np2 nikola that is stuck at lv 35… i really need gold servants for other classes its not even funny…


Don’t know if this counts, but I started using the FP that we got from the 6M download campaign and got my first angry mango!

Meme Avenger ftw xD

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That would be a great, cost-effective round of rolls for me as well - only, I’d replace Ishtar with best, buxom blonde Latina lass Quetza. It was just too adorable how smitten she was with femme Master back in Singularity VII :heart_eyes:

On a somewhat more sombre note, my general targets for the banner are:

  1. NP-levels for 5*-grade Silver girl, Taiga
  2. Gorgon, to look pretty and have the option to not necessarily bank on a borrowed avi when a random ruler appears (I know, I know, doggo would be even better for that, but, you know, bosomy eye-candy and all that :fgo_illya: )
  3. Quetza herself, of course

NP-levels and whichever 5* hax-level CEs come my way would be a nice bonus, but no requirement.

I’ve run the slotu machin on the site here quite a few times, I just hope that it doesn’t end up reaching that Mad Enhancement X-line of 1020 crystals I drew for myself - or, worse yet, has Quetza not appear at all in that frame. D:

On a more optimistic note, should I have reasonably few rolls that get my targets above including her, I guess I’ll throw a couple rounds her + Inanna’s way once that banner is up.


Huge fan of Rin face

Nothing on CCC Banner, not even à passionlip

60SQ : 1 Ishtar

i pray for Eresh now

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Got my Ishtar to NP2 I with a single multi pull

I want to get her up to NP3 but I know I will be rolling in the Christmas rerun for event CEs so I will probably hold off.

If I can get Quetz to NP3 this event I will be satisfied.

Already have NP2 Orion and he ain’t story locked so I will wait for the spooks…


Trying to hold off on mult-rolling because I want to get Shuten Douji. Threw some tickets at Ishtar, got some 4* CEs that I already have MLB.


In yall’s opinions, which would be better,.np2 rin, or np2 quetz?

I’m fully aware they are extremely different servants, but I want to and can only spare 30 quartz for a chance at Medusa in all her glory, aka gorgeous gorgon. Since I’m saving for summer, both save and buy, I can only afford 1 10-spin and 1 10-spin only no matter how much I want that beautiful snek that I’ll likely use the free 4star stick on later this year.

Edit: ended up doing a 10-spin on rin today… Min roll. Nothing new and no rate up 3stars. My luck is dying down.


Rin i think, because she dont come back

Quetz is always here


tbh, Quetz being story locked makes her pseudo-limited to begin with, so

that said, I only have personal experience with Ishtar. though NP leveling ST servants does tend to be more useful in my experience, since they get used more for bosses, while AoE NPs tend to lean towards farming

though of course high NP levels for AoE NPs give them more leeway to work as boss killers too (even if not as effectively in most cases, simply due to ST NPs having higher base damage), as well as simply to help deal with sturdier mobs


Right, about my initial decision to hold off until Quetza is rate-up…

I decided to go ahead and do some 10-rolls on Inanna, 4 in total. Which, more or less in order of appearance, resulted in:

  1. NP4 for Taiga dear
  2. Ana as a colleague for her
  3. CE-wise, Devilish Bodhi + Ideal Holy King - former should pair well with ma’am Kiara not just for flavour, latter opens up some more solo-play possibilities
  4. fourth and final roll, Gorgon and Inanna herself

Why I rolled on this? Primarily to get a hold of two of my targets, NP-levels for Taiga + Gorgon, which is done. Having another bow-person lass is a welcome bonus, albeit I got AoE-bow covered with combat chef Touta & tomboy Nobu.

Now, only Quetza’s banner need be cooperative on Sunday and all’s well. xD

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Threw a ticket and a single 10 pull at the ishtar banner. Ticket got me caster gil. 10 pull got me to NP3 on Ishtar and a couple of nice CE’s.


Rolled the first ticket, got Imaginary Around CE. At least it’s something I could use.


New servant > NP2 anything.

But if you really want to NP2 one of them, Ishtar is the better pick imo. She’s a farming queen, and farming generally likes being able to oneshot in order to 3turn. NP2 Ishtar will be able to oneshot a bunch of waves she couldn’t before, which makes her an even better farmer.

Quetz, while having a battery herself, is not much of a farmer (because Kintoki exists and is better at it, and everyone is supposed to have him), she shines as general Buster Rider DPS in quests where you can’t just stomp through with back to back NP oneshots, such as boss fights, and for those dealing 30% less damage on her NP is not a big deal, taking 10 or 11 turns to kill is virtually no difference for a fight you only do once.

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at first got spicy mapo tofu n thought today’s roll is gonna suck but THEN AFTER FEELING DEVASTATED I GOT HER BEST SNEK