7Km Egg - No Galarians

So, I stocked up all my egg inventory yesterday with fresh 7km eggs after the start of the event and have so far hatched 4, none of which were Galarian pokemon. I got a normal zigzagoon, a normal darumaka, a normal stunfisk, and a normal meowth. Has anyone else run into this issue where all of the standard forms are hatching but not galarian?

Have not started hatching just yet but I imagine the galar forms are going to be rarer than the standard forms. That’s usually how it goes with things like this and why I don’t bother with 7ks for the most part

No because it’s not an issue. The news post said the Galarian forms will be in eggs in addition to the normal forms. And if you think 4 is an appropriate sample size to draw any conclusion I suggest looking up basic statistic and probability courses.

I didn’t notice that it said alongside the normal forms. A simple oversight on my part. I appreciate the clarification but as constructive criticism would like to say that there is no need to insult people when they asking questions:)

I don’t believe I said anything that sounded like a complaint or an attack towards anyone. I was concerned that there may have been an issue, and you clarified that, so in the future you can stop right at answering the question instead of insulting others since it really won’t make you or any one else feel any better.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy the event!


They’re in there, I’ve had about fifteen eggs on and just under half were Galarian. RNG really sucks sometimes! :joy:

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I’m not too beaten up about the other regional variants being in the eggs. Hoennian Zigzagoon and Kantonian Meowth have shiny chances, Both variants of Darumaka are raid Pokémon, still usefull but there isn’t as much of a rush to get them, and now matter which variant you get, you get a ton of candies to go towards powering up and evolving and second moves.

I’ve actually went 3/3 so far. I got meowth, zigzag, and darimaka. All galarian. Now that I said that my luck is gonna drop I’m sure.
Does anyone know if galarian far fetched is in eggs on the US?

2/2 on alt, 0/1 on main thus far lol. they’re there, but rare. blah

Sounds like you’ve had decent luck!

There are a lot of Galarian forms which are not in the game yet and I think Farfetchd is one. Ponyta, Slowpoke, Mr Mime, Corsola, Yamask, and the legendary birds all have Galarian variants as well. Some of these we don’t have the stats on yet as they are brand new releases in Sw/Sh. I don’t know how they are planning to do the regional Galarian variants but since the game master has Sirfetch’d, we can only assume they will come eventually.

I’m at exactly 50/50 so far on the 7km eggs. 6 eggs to date. One Galarian and on non-Galarian of each of Meowth, Stunfisk, and Zigzagoon. No Darumaka of either type yet, that’s the one I really want.

Same here. Candies are pretty hard to come by for those. Unfortunately according to Silph that’s apparently the least common hatch.

I heard it was in the game. Its got stats and moves and a model for sure, but I checked all over and didn’t see anything about it being hatched or in raids so maybe its not released. Could be like a super rare spawn I guess

I hatched 2 Galar and normal Darumakas and normal Meowths. Seems i had luck.

I decided to buy an Ultra box today, first 4 event eggs that hatched: regular Stunfisk; G-Stunfisk; G-Meowth; G-Zigzagoon.

My first 5 eggs were all Galarian forms and the next 5 eggs were a mix though mostly Galarian. No Galarian Zigzagoon yet though.

We still open Fossil Pokemon from 7km eggs… So no Galaran :frowning:
Everyone playing near us said the same thing: getting fossils from the new eggs :frowning:
Guess we are out of luck for this event…

At least u can get galarian stunfisk in the wild

I got all Galarian form except Darumaka. Got 3 regular ones instead.

I wouldn’t mind this, never seen one.

But all i get are Meowths and Zigzagoons (normal of course).

Plus one of each stunfisk, but gunfisk is so common that it’s another wasted egg.

After the event Galarian and Alolan regional variants will be in 7km eggs as a stardard for a while. You’ll probably have a better chance of getting them then

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Are those new 7 km eggs that you got from gifts? Because now there can only be 4 Pokemon in the 7 km eggs (Darumaka, Meowth, Stunfisk and Zigzagoon) in the normal and Galarian form.