7M Downloads Campaign - Free 4* Servant (Archer)

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Hello everyone, sorry for the trouble.
During the event we can choose 1 Sr and I have the following problem: I need an archer at all costs, but who is the best of the four available? Emiya, Emiya alter, Atalante or Tristan?
Thank you very much for helping

Well, I think “best” is a relative term. They all have specialties and niches that they’re good at.

If you’re talking raw damage, Emiya Alter. He’s an ST Archer, can quickly fire off his NP in an Arts team, and has lots of solid atk and def steroids.

Emiya also does great damage, but his use isn’t as direct. With all his skill upgrades, his path to victory is using his AOE NP to generate stars, then unleashing massive crit damage.

I only have these two to speak of from personal experience. I’ve found Atalante lackluster unless you really like Quick Servants. Tristan isn’t very strong offensively but packs a lot of utility.

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First off, who you pick is highly dependent on your roster, which we don’t know, and play style. Second, did you read the SR ticket guide.

To answer you doubts:

  1. I’m open to all option: having various servants of various classes (except Archer XD), I have various alternatives, plus I adapt to all styles of play

  2. Knowing that the event was coming, I spent the last two/ three days between posts/articles and only later (since the doubt remained) I decided to register and ask.

In case my lack gives anyway bother, I’ll try to update my post. :sweat_smile:

(P.S. I apologize for any error)

Realistically there’s only 2 i think you should be considering Emiya Alter and Tristan

Atalanta’s biggest problem is np gain Because the best part about her is the starbomb on her np. You either need Skadi/Waver or imaginary element/kscope. to ever see her np. Farming wise Kid Gil and Tawara will do a better job as they are np5

Emiya OG version is pretty good but he can spook anytime

Emiya Alter has nice skills, pretty useful in cq’s as np drain (subject to rng) is always useful. Also hits quite hard.
Tristan is basically David with arguably better skillset for CQ’s and better base stats. The 50% NP battery is nice but watch out for the huge demerit. NP doesn’t hit all that hard though

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Right now I’m stuck in Camelot and not always my Euryale can do all the work (either with a support Merlin or Gilgamesh), so I’m also looking for a good helper. This is were the doubt arose: batter an St or an AoE archer? Who will be useful to me even after Camelot? Better to think about the amount of damage or a possible support?

Considering Tristan and Emiya Alter are the two storylocked options, I’d focus on them. Honestly, while Tristan has very nice utility, David can fulfill a lot of his role, particularly the teamwide Evasion. So I’d go with Emiya Alter, if I were you. Euryale is very nice against Males, but lackluster otherwise. Emiya Alter should more than pick up the slack for raw damage.

Ideally, while you eventually want both ST and AOE options, I think it’s more important to cover ST first. Yes, as everyone will tell you, farming is a huge component. But you’ll never “lose” farming nodes, even if you’re not fully efficient. But you can easily lose important boss fights and challenge quests without a good ST damage dealer. So while I love Emiya, I’d go for Emiya Alter first (particularly as he’s story locked and original Emiya isn’t). You can always raise Kid Gil or Tawara Touta for some AOE damage if you need it.


Thank you very much. If i had doubts before, now I know who choose with certainty.
Thanks again for the advice :smile:

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Thanks for your suggestions.
I’ll follow your advice and those of another user and I will choose Emiya alter.
Thanks again for the help :smile: