8 Million DL Final Singularity Rush

So, with the upcoming 8 Million Download Campaign, they’re giving out 30SQ to Masters who have completed Solomon by 11/20. I am currently towards the beginning of Camelot (last story node I did had the first 2 Gawain fights).

My question is how feasible is it for me to finish Part 1 by the cutoff date? I generally only have 2 hours a day during the week and maybe 4 hours a day on weekends available to play FGO, and I am spending what time I can farming Halloween, so I won’t be able to resume the story until after the event ends. Also, I would strongly prefer to not skip the story, but if I need to I guess I can and just go through it in the materials later.


Definitely feasible.

Do you need help? Send me a friend request.



We’re probably going to have the Christmas 2 rerun open before then too, someone waa guessing the 12th based on when the Babylonia campaign ends. I really don’t want to recommend skipping story because the last singularities have the best stories, but timing will be tight keeping up with events, watching the cut scenes and only 2 hours a day…

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Skip reading in Babylon. You can just watch the anime.


Camelot and Babylonia need a grand total of 3583 AP to complete. With the 1/2 AP from the 8M DL, and the permanent 1/2 AP, you’ll only need 896 AP which translate to 74 Hours and 40 Minutes. You’ll have all the AP necessary to complete the two singularities and would suggest reading them later when you have the time to properly enjoy them.


Yeahh i forgot about d half ap thing

Presumably, you can collect it any time during the above window. So you should be able to complete in time. I would suggest if you’ve gotten all of Mecha Elli’s materials and cleared the missions to focus on the Singularities instead of farming the shop.


2nd this


but what about the details? :mordredthink:
Check it out in my room? :laughing:


I rushed about 4 accounts from Camelot to Salomon back when the campaign came out JP side, takes about 5-6 hours on average, and load time was pretty awful back then (as well as me having a slower phone). If you have access to a good friend list, its fairly feasible, main issue is mental burnout.

Yes (?)
Or yea, just skip and read it later :joy:

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I suppose as long as you have a decent team ready, and bits of apples, you can rush thru it easily :mordredthink:

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You just want to bully me right? :joy:

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You are too sensitive :rofl:

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@jakeyb I don’t necessarily need help (I’ve got some pretty good Friend Support), but I definitely won’t say no. My ign is either the same as here or Kendrick. I can’t remember.
Edit: Request has been sent. I like to think that I have a decent support list, albeit with relatively low skill levels. Hopefully you’ll be able to make some use of them.

@Mysty Yeah, having only ~2 hours to spend on stuff like FGO is definitely a bitch.

@Pandarilla I have over 100 gold apples stored up (mostly from lack of time to actually use them), so I have no qualms about using them to get through the Story.

Does anybody have a rough ETA on the Christmas rerun? I really hope it doesn’t come until after the 8Mil Campaign ends. It would put a serious hamper on my bid to complete the story by the end of the campaign.



It’s around these date in JP at the time, so it should be around the corner for us


Oof. So probably during the Campaign. Well that sucks.


The halloween ends in 2 days from now, and we should get a week’s break before rerun. So you should have a week to rush through any story content :mordredthink:


A week of ~2hrs on weekdays and ~4hrs a day on weekends available to play FGO.

This is fine. Everything’s fine.


I thought we are a group of neet here that play FGO all day :fgo_bbgrin: