800 orbs later

I got a lot of things!

4 B! Micaiah’s + the free one.
2 B! Eliwood
2 B! Camilla
1 B! Alm
1 Edelgard
1 Sue
1 F! Kana
1 Kaden

I’m so happy. The worst thing is Kana and even her can be merged. The ivs of my Micaiah will be +spd bc I only got this and defense, and I suspect her spd can be good with the help of tactics or goads.

I even got all the braves! They pitybroke me, but I can’t be mad. I’ll keep one of each and I’ll save the worst Camilla and Eliwood to fodder when the time comes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa a! I’m so happy! Now it’s my turn to merge and level up this cuties :raised_hands:t2: should I show them later in this thread or is it too much sharing?

Also, one big doubt: should I fodder takumi to her? It’s my only one rn, the free went to M!Morgan, sadly.

Ps: Ironically, I got less Reysons than Micaiahs. Maths are so weird.



Nice haul, though that’s a lotta orbs.
I wouldn’t give Micaiah close counter personally. Her base Bond is great.

Also just merge those Eliwoods


I was saving for her since may or so, kinda boring honestly ;;

(I was thinking about merging the good boy, BUT SS3 is so tempting :scream::sparkles:)

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I might have been able to get more than +1 on Eliwood if I saved up proper, but eh.

No choice but to merge em.


Edie and Kaden are pretty great pitybreakers at that


Nice haul!