91% Dratini worth it?


Hello. I have a 91% Dratini. It has 15 attack, 11 defense, and 15 stamina. I was wondering if it’d be worth it to evolve this guy and use my candies on him. It’d be my first ever Dragonite.


Some players would only evolve/power up a 100%, but 91% with 15 attack is more than good enough, especially if its your first Dragonite. There isn’t much of a need for Dragons at this moment, but unless you’re holding out for a 100% Dratini, I don’t see any other reason not to evolve it.

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It wouldn’t be a mistake to evolve this Dratini.

I would suggest holding off on it until we know if Dragonite is coming back into Raids, as you might be able to catch a Dragonite from a Raid that is just as good, and save yourself 125 Candies. This MIGHT be a better idea, but evolving that Dratini isn’t a mistake or even a bad idea.


That’s a good IV spread, so on the surface, I don’t see anything wrong with evolving it. That said, Dragon-type attackers aren’t in-demand right now.
Also, I would consider a few other things before evolving:

  1. What level is the Dratini?
  2. How much stardust do you have?
  3. How many Dratini candies do you have?

If it’s a high level (30+) Dratini, then I think you’re pretty safe to evolve away. If it’s lower level, it will require a heavier investment of Stardust and candy before it will truly be useful. Ideally, you’d want your Dragonite to be at least lvl 30, so if the Dratini is low level, you’d need to consider whether or not you have enough resources to power it up.

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