91% Lucky Gardevoir worth TM'ing?

evolved a lucky 13/14/14 lucky Gardevoir today, and of course it got stuck with charge beam & shadow ball. is it worth dropping CTMs on her at the moment? i have a few high IV Togekiss with trash moves that have sat for a bit as well, just not sure how useful Fairy types are at the moment. thanks in advance!

Interestingly enough, unless they add new Fairy moves to the game (especially Fast moves), Gardevoir is set to remain the best pure-Fairy attacker. Xerneas, the Tapus and Magearna, while they have better attack stat, don’t have access to Charm. As of now, Gardevoir is the best Charm user.

Resistance-wise, Gardevoir is a good counter against Fighting and Dragon with double resistances, and a decent counter against Dark.

The problem Fairy has is that right now, everything that Fairy counters, other types counter it better.

  • Against Fighting: Flying and Psychic are currently better
  • Against Dragons: other Dragons get the job done faster
  • Against Dark: Fighting is more efficient

So while Fairy is rather outclassed, the decision to power-up Gardevoir is entirely based on what you need. For Raids, sure Fairy is rarely the top counter. But for gyms, she’s wonderful at clearing the Dragon defenders, with little potion investment. She can also be a useful Gym Defender, since she directly counters the Machamp crew that loves to destroy Blissey and Snorlax.

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Thanks! In that case i’ll save my TMs for the time being (not that I really have anyone i need to use them on at the moment, but then again I don’t have an immediate need for Fairy-type attackers anyway)

Fairy is not useful in the current raid meta, as ice is double SE against rayquaza (and dragonite). If your’re short on TMs, save it until Palkia returns.

Note: Only Dragon and Fairy moves deal SE damage against Palkia. When Palkia’s charge move is Draco Meteor, Gardevoir (which resists dragon moves) will save your world.

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awesome, thanks! i’ll wait to power up/TM until Palika returns then