98% shadow & shinny Mawile

I TMd frustration away during the event just in case but I don’t really know what to do with it.

On the one hand it will be my first ever shundo when purified.

On the other hand it may be useful in GL as a shadow but then 98% IVs are not ideal and it needs quite an investment to reach the cap.

I forgot to add that I “only” have 86 mawile candy.

Personally, I will purify it and have a beautiful shundo (super rare). Not worth the investment if your resource is limited.

My effort

Mawile is pretty good but it’s an investment sink - it needs to be near maxed and that second move is costly. That said, it’s an excellent dragon slayer with Ice Fang and a triple resistance - Altaria generally needs to run away from it. It’s a very specialised pokèmon, but used well it’s very nasty.