A bit of Python-Sedgar comparison

I put a bunch of merges on Python right before we got Sedgar’s statspread, and I’m interested in using both of them. This writeup will be about how each might be most effective on AR-D.

First off, I don’t really believe in their potential to kill stuff on their own if offense has far save. Too many forced undoubles, and there’s basically nothing these guys can do about it. So my main interest is poison strike + fatal smoke.

The introduction of instant bow as a f2p option opens up an interesting possibility of using Python to block Mila’s isolation. A max invested Mila with Nurturing Breath has 65 def, which goes down to 58 with a chill.

That requires double Nott, and I believe in it because 42 spd should be enough to deny forced doubles from slow tanks while instant bow blocks natural doubles from fast tanks without NFU. The easiest problems I can identify are that expecting fast tanks not to have NFU on light season is foolish given Brami’s existence and he can’t survive two bonfires from an invested B.Hector which is a problem because he wants to be able to chip the guy for 40 damage. If the green unit on the team can’t chunk B.Hector hard then…the team now has to kill him with a blue unit, with only 20 chip damage on him? That’s, like, Selena and Selena only I believe. (I don’t have her.) And this is before Hector takes an atk boon or blessing or gets buffs or switches mystic boost for something that grants more atk.

(shown with 2 res blessings and 1 def)

Alternatively, Python could stick to older technology.

Since his atk stat is low, he doesn’t give ice mirror much to work with, which means he might be fine even just with AR-D spd/res if he receives a def blessing. I’m considering going with AR-D spd/res if Nott and Triandra are the mythics.

Now let’s look at Sedgar. He needs to use up his seal if he wants to block high-investment Mila, so I’m not going to bother with those options. Here’s an instant bow build with no blessings:

Having less def than Python, the B.Hector problem is even worse.

Here’s what he looks like without instant bow:

I played around with different combinations of anima mythics and AR-D spd/def vs spd/res; my conclusion is that unless you’re going Seiros + Otr, spd/def is probably better, which is bad news because I think Python tends also to prefer spd/def but we only got one bride Sigrun manual in ephemera.

I tend to think the firesweep builds are still best. It’s a pity that Python comes 1 def short of blocking Mila without some help from his weapon or seal. But I don’t see that big of a performance between the two on that build. Sedgar enjoys a bit more survivability due to higher spd and somewhat better res, but both of them struggle to survive two rounds against retaliating save tanks.

Moreover, I am a little skeptical of the effectiveness of this play. Before A.Fjorm I liked it a lot in tandem with duo Lif because the combination of forced double with high atk and firesweep overloads the B-slot and in practice showed a lot of offense players to be unprepared for this combination. Maybe we can look into how the firesweep fatal smoke double poison strike build combines with duo Lif switched to pulse smoke because that does present a massive threat to A.Fjorm. She has a horrible time trying to one-round him without a burst special and he hurts her really bad if the mirror is down.

Your comments and critiques are welcome.


Sedgar is literally just green leonie

All of his extra bst went to res

I see absolutely no reason to use sedgar when leonie exists. The bump in res is not worth the colorswap to green unless you REALLY want to survive blue tanks… in which case I see no reason to use Sedgar when python exists as python does the “bulky green now cav” better


Lower grail cost is a decent consideration if you ask me. But I didn’t notice how similar are their statlines


Sedgar saves tons and tons of dragonflower (1200).
Python saves you tons of grails and has a free boon.
I think that’s the real difference.

'tho if you haven’t yet used any DF on python, Sedgar higher BST should be taken into account.
I personally consider merging Sedgar, at least the free copy, cause i haven’t invested Python yet and i don’t see myself wasting 1800 dragonflower on him.

but he’s another character that i consider ugly, so that hasn’t happened yet, would have been a sexy girl she’d be merged already. :feh_edelsmug:

You might wanna use a Green Cav over Leonie not only for B!Hector, but also because too many colorless in your AR-D makes you vulnerable to Raven Tome.

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Even with both of them at +5 df’s python is still tankier(again we just had this conversation with leonie a few momths back). Df’s mostly just bring python’s offenses more in line with sedgar’s

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Python has 38 base HP, 31 def → 69 physical bulk
Sedgar has 41 base HP, 27 def → 68 physical bulk
not much of a difference.

On the other hand, Sedgar has 4 more base ATK, 3 more base SPD, 4 more base RES & 3 more base HP (much better magical bulk/offenses).

Also Sedgar has 167 BST while Leonie has 162 and Python 156, that gotta end up somewhere.

Counting in hp for physical bulk is questionable as you’re counting on them only getting hit once

Granted you can run instant bow and make it so that in many cases they will only get hit once, but it’s still worth heavy consideration whether you want instant bow or spendthrift. A spendthrift bow + ar-d spd/res + lull atk/x python is still a force to be reckoned with whether he’s at +5 df’s or +15

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I mean it isn’t since they’re cav archer, they shouldn’t survive two hit tbh.

And like you said, you run instant blow.
I don’t believe spendthrift to be worth foddering them, instant bow at least just as good if not better, considering the impact effect that they cannot get anywhere else.

worth mentionning Sedgar’s DEF & RES are perfectly fit for an instant bow + ar-d spd/res + lull atk/x build (/guard).

DEF : 27 +4 (instant bow) = 31
RES : 24 +7 (ar-d spd/res) = 31

Perfectly even. :feh_lysitheawave:

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but python can that’s the thing

Hit har!altina with guard from triandra’s dance, spendthrift python can tank her double-tap. Heck a max-invested spendthrift bow python can survive a round with a max-invested bonfire bector.

Not to mention spendthrift is giving you a ton of effective res which instant bow can’t. Spendthrift bow python? Tanks a hit from og!micaiah no matter how much atk she’s stacking. Instant bow python(and/or sedgar)? Gonna have a waaaay harder time

Edit: also I failed to point this out initially but NFU is everywhere so instant bow is going to feel very hit-or miss. I.E. focusing raw bulk can often be much more valuable valuable relying on an impact

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Triandra’s dance affecting Harmonized Altina is an oddly specific situation tbh, that also doesn’t imply any support on Har!Altina side.

Non-Invested Impact bow Sedgar can also survive a full round of B!Hector, simply because B!Hector is an armor unit and gets his follow-up denied.

Spendthrift gives indeed 7 more magical bulk to python, but Sedgar has 7 more magical bulk (+3HP +4RES) than python to begin with. It makes up for it.

NFU is nowhere to be found in my replays, so i disagree.
save skills are everywhere yes, but armor units don’t have access to impact negation yet.

Yeah with 3 nott’s maybe that bonfire hits like a freighttrain

Then you’re either not in vault or really lucky

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What bonfire ?
Guard in B slot + Impact bow = no bonfire.

Not to mention, as i said previously, if 5 DF Python can survive it then so can 5 DF Sedgar, their physical bulk are really close.


Not sure i’m luckier to run into save balls than into NFU tanks tbh.
I’d say save balls are much more cancer.

Pretty sure instant is way better than spendthrift because a second follow-up can hit for a lot more than 3-7 damage and his main goal isn’t to kill stuff outright unless there’s no far save

Instant has much better survivability against NCD tanks, a lot of whom are Lyons

But I think it’s advantageous to favour def rather than be even.

Double QR. Basically the only thing they have right now.

And I would also prefer fighting NFU tanks to double saves. At least there are still TP specials and firesweep poison strike is really annoying and maybe I pick off a support.

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a few days ago I posted about this bow here, and they practically spat in my face hahahahahaha.

I did a lot of tests, and the conclusion was, instant bow is 4000045640x better spendrift FOR CAVS.

with the right build i managed to make python survive 4 turns against ASC fjorm full investment (without nott)

python is the man and best language programation

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instant bow over spendthrift


python is the man

I’ll allow it

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I really think he has a better shot against Micaiah with instant. Surviving one hit is a lot easier than 2.

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He orko’s micaiah with spendthrift on any build except max-spd micaiah(who bypasses instant bow)

Without nerfing her atk stat/buffing his own res it becomes a lot harder to tank her one hit

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Ok, and double bonfire save armours such as B.Edel?

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Hmmm, think i’m gonna merge Python, i wanna save both grail & dragonflower.
A +10 Python is no doubt better than a +2 Sedgar, even at 0 DF.

Also, he’s slightly less ugly. :feh_genny_mug:

I don’t have Spendthrift fodder 'tho, my next manuals are already going for Young Innès Rupture sky.

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