A bit of Python-Sedgar comparison

She doesn’t bypass instantbow if the spd check is even, but i agree that’s a very specific situation.

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I can’t think of the last time I saw bagel used as a save armor but… that’s what duo lif s for lol. He absolutely destroys bagel

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Hmm that’s a really good point
I like the Python-V.Lif duo a lot because lots of counters to either one die to the other

Might have to try this spendthrift build after all. I’m max investing so I don’t mind giving him CF too. He survives B.Hector too? By triangle advantage and sheer def?

How about, like, Y.Lyon?

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I mean for best results he likes having two nott’s but bector has a hard time chunking through him in one round even at just one nott

I’ve only seen y!lyon in my replays like once since I started using python instead of firesweep og!claude and in that case they had a different tank to deal with python(iirc it was astra/anima and they had a whaled-out altina)

So just atk/spd push or catch as long as he has a def blessing? I’m still looking for a double poison strike but it’s a problem if that fails to one-round Micaiah

I run ar-d spd/res on mine with lull atk/spd and candlewax(still saving for spendthrift) bow. But my python is +10/+15 which helps as well

gimme a sec and I’ll get you a screenshot lol

This is my Dark season Python

I use 2 nótt’s + whatever mythic is bonus(in this case brami from last week)

He holds up pretty well against bector and micci(tho he’ll do even better when he has spendthrift). I’m gave him instant bow and I’m going to try it on him but I’m one refining stone short if being able to refine it :catmad:

How does your defense deal with B.Hector?

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Well both my maps are cavlines so im able to just avalanche him. Duo lif + b!Veronica(-hp so lif puts her into wom range for the bonus mythic to warp in and cause more annoyance) + python + Reinhardt.

In dark season I have double Nótt so he has a hard time one-rounding python and(if bector is low merged) even Reinhardt which leads to either(a) bector just dying from a thousand cuts or (b) the cavs out-ranging his far save and sniping something else.

In anima season I throw everything at the wall in atk with seiros and duma(currently my 3rd mythic is mirabilis but i really want a 2nd Duma for max atk). Even bector has a hard time taking on all 4 cavs at once when they’re getting 6 extra atk and a free savage blow chip from upheaval

Thanks so much for the tips. I’ll let you know if I have further questions.

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