A Character you hate!

What character do you absolutely hate, it can be combat wise or lore wise. Or both!

Easy. Vlad.

I think it was the first anny GSSR. Only 1 servant in the pool that I for sure did not want under any circumstances. Vlad. Who answers the summons? Who else but Vlad. If he doesn’t come in that GSSR but at any other time I probably don’t have any issue.

Bonus take: I can’t stand Emiya, both versions, in the anime. I just naturally hate that type of character.


i actually really like emiya, but meaby becouse i am for the VN. he is one of the few jap main protagonist who actually have reason for what they are doing. and not some dumb shit like “for friendship” shonen jump style.

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Medb, just can’t stand her at all. In the America singularity she piss me off so much…

Here just for her :

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Spartacus a little too. I do not like that much how he’s portrayed in the Fate Universe…

Same about Blackbeard…they emphasize him way too much

Personnaly I really love Emiya and his stroy relationship with Shirou. That’s what made FSN, FSN to me.

And this whole episode of Fate UBW with Stardust at the end, pure beauty !


I used to love the Knights of the Round Table folks until the Camelot singularity came around… (except Bedivere. He’s a cool boi. He never disappoints.).
Even after enduring and barely surviving the battles, I don’t hate them nor have held a grudge on them (Tristan… maybe less. lol). But every time I see them, I can’t help but remember those dark times, using countless CSs to revive my dead team…
It just sours the mood, ya know?

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i absolutly hate Gawein and sakura. Also i cant stand artria pendragon.
For gawein, i hate his dumb face since i played fate / extra. and the fact thet he spooked me 3 time in a single 10 pull with 5 saber on rate up did not halp.

Sakura is the single worst human being i ever see in any form of media. i mean, how much must someone hate someone for thinking she deserved what happened to her and even more?

For Altria, i guess the Banquet of Kings in fate zero explain my reason. I never liked her, even since in the original VN i was forced to play her rute before rin’s.
Oh, but becouse i dont like her couse of her “perfect” kingship … shit, i do like saber alter.
Basically her Alter version is what a true king should have being

oh and i hate Artemis / orion.
I actually love Artemis.
She is really a good godness.
Strong and proud, yet kind.
The perfect maiden if you ask me. But in this game they remove all thet part to make her this lovefreak with orion.
I suppose they had to do it becouse she would have be to similar to Atalanta. Still dont like her how they maded her

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Emiya, Amakusa, Medb for Servants we have right now.
But above all of them would have to be Sieg, easily. Probably the worst excuse of a protagonist ever created.
Also if we count spin off material, then anyone that shows up in Riyo’s awful comics. Some of the dumbest shit ever.

Oh yeah I do not like that Gawain too. Too perfect. Piss me off a little. Tristan too in the singulirity of Camelot.

Some character I hate, would probably be Gilles de Rais. Both Saber and Caster. Mostly because real-life history. I just can’t stand his Saber version being such a fake marshall of justice who fights for honor. It feels like a huge hypocrisy and that’s one of the things I hate the most
According to history, he was just a savage that was sent on wars just to keep him calmed down. And then the Caster because it’s just ugly as hell and doesn’t do anything other than being an HP Stick on top of everything else.
Still I’ve got to admit that the concept in game, once you max ascend him, is pretty interesting and also kind of makes you empathize with him somehow… on some stuff… idk.

Then there’s Merlin, but as everyone I hate him as much as I like him.
Caesar is another annoying character. I don’t like him at all, his voice, his design, he’s just awful.
Boudica is kind of a strange case. I hate her, but I still like her. It’s just that it annoys me to see everytime a Boudica rate-up in the gacha.

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Forgot to mention Tamamo Cat for trolling me during Valentines.

Good catch. I forgot about her, probably because of how boring and vanilla she is to me. Her and Emiya deserve each other lol. Maybe hate would be too strong for her though. Either way every form that isn’t her original is hundreds of times better.

Ah yes true to Caesar, what the hell he’s so big ? Serioulsy .? Boudica I have a hard time too because sorry but she look like a cow, like really …Too bad because I do like her otherwise

Bloody caster Gilles. He has the most F’d up personality with no redeemable qualities. The only good thing he did was being a punching bag in F/Z. He’s also the only servant I wouldn’t mind never pulling, aside from the fact that he is, deservedly, garbage ingame.

That’s another good one I forgot about. I didn’t even finish apoc because of him.(Despite love for a majority of the servant cast)

Man, I have a real issue with the MCs of what got anime adaptations in the Fate universe lol. Though I didn’t mind the MC in Extra.


I personally love Emiya and Amakusa a lot; they’re one of my all time favourites. But hey, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea and I respect your opinions.
But I do agree with your opinion on Sieg. To this day, I still don’t understand his motives. An unrelatable MC is never a good MC. The only reason why I finished Apocrypha was for the other servants.


Gaywain. I’d burn him on the spot if i ever landed him. Hated him ever since fate extra, hated him even more in Camelot. He also doesn’t seem to be a very good servant.

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Sieg, still a while away but the once he’s released I’m gonna feed all 5 copies to Boudica or something.

Apart from that I don’t hate anyone, there was a period where i hated hektor because his voice tilted me (somewhere when u had to face him) but not so much anymore


That’s cruel even towards Boudica.


This guy’s face will always oppress me