A Day in the Life (Daydreams)



I mean seeing that most Duo/Harms are mostly F/F units I’d say it be kinda funny

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So I went to go see every Duo/Harm and we have
30 total
18 F/F
4 F/M
6 M/F
2 M/M



Back in the early days, FEH was easy to hack, and information like that was tracked (and even modded by some). Every unit we summon/get has an individual ID with information attached to it like what character it is, rarity, skills, etc. I assume one of the information attached is the way they die (sent home, manual’d, SI’d, etc.).


that is really interesting.

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Atk/spd push 4:

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Tbf pretty much any t4 A/S variant of skills can say that about the other variant’s… Brazen A/S laughinging in the others faces, tho Surge just got A/D so A/S isn’t winning that anymore, Unity I’m pretty sure A/D is winning also, I can’t remember for Bond 4 tho those hardly got anything but even with Unities they weren’t forgotten by IS since a new one came out recently

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The only use of a Ninja Lyn that I will allow.