A different build for Florina

So I got yet another Legendary Eirika and I’ve been looking at Florina for a while now because I really like her lance refine. This is the build I had in mind:

So the idea with this was to capitalize on the stats that her weapon gives in enemy phase. Atk/Spd Solo may look weird but in enemy phase she reaches 56 atk/43 Spd and still has 36 Def/45 Res before buffs. QR can be useful versus armors or units with a bit higher def (could also go with Chill Atk maybe), Atk Smoke to allow her to tank more. I know she has that big weakness to bows but I don’t intend to tank them with her. I also thought about DC earlier but seeing as her lance doesn’t work vs ranged units I didn’t really like it. Thoughts?


It seems solid

Really nice build.
As you said, QR could be replaced with something else (I’d consider Guard as an other option) but otherwise it works really well.

I always forget about Guard for some reason lol. That’s a great option too.

Yo, it looks great! Great idea. It patches up her two weakest stats with one A slot, and makes her a lot more offensive, and less reliant on her special. I might consider this for my own (controversial, evidently) +Spd Florina!

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Actually, I just had a thought - for her B skill, what about Mystic Boost? (If not running QR or Guard - QR might still be the best option)

She’ll take an extra 6 or so damage per encounter from not running a defensive A slot (only 6, because she shouldn’t be getting doubled with her high speed) and Mystic Boost totally makes up for that, healing her after every encounter. And in situations where she initiates and KOs before the enemy retaliates, or when she doesn’t take damage from an attack, she’ll actually heal and help some with sustain, since she isn’t running Aether!

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I like it. I’m hoping to get an extra Eir from the July banner so I’ll probably stick with a budget option for now.

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This looks pretty good.

This is a build I want to do with mine except with Sturdy Impact and Quick Riposte. I wish they would make a guard seal.

Mixed phase Florina sounds like fun.

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Oo. Sturdy Impact sounds really fun. That feel when Tibarnless. :sob:

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I dont like Solo skills on fliers because they work really well glued together. You can buff her up better next tom someone

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I mean yea that’s true. Miss out on the flier bluffs. Might just run her on a tactics team as I dont have many fliers.

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