A few doubts about new weapon refinements

I am impressed about three characters but I am not sure how much I should invest into them.

First, Micaiah. The site hasn’t been updated with her refinement but I find it amazingly strong in theory. +5 to attack plus double attack plus 30% less damage… should I invest on her refinement? Is she usable again?

Second, Sigurd. His refinement looks amazing but I have eliwood +10 already refined. Should I make the investment in another sword cavalier?

And third, Fae. Fae is absurdly useful. That +5 to everything to all allies in 2 cells around is HUUUUGE. I have read that Brave Lucina is tier 1 thanks to her weapon refinement, that adds +3 to all stats to allies that use physical weapons (I think). Now Fae adds +5, without requirements (except some proximity). And I have not even started talking about her refinement. Actually her refinement doesn’t look that good to me. Should I do it? Should I try to reach +10? Does she deserve it? The site says she is tier 4 but I can’t believe that.

That +5 without restrictions looks too good to be true in a tier 4 character to me…

So, what do you think? Can you help me with this?

Last time I wrote wrong the title and I died of shame. I think this time I made less mistakes… I am really sorry guys, I am trying to improve…

The tiers are mostly based off of AR viability, so I think that’s why Fae is tier 4. Visible buffs just get turned into liabilities by panic manor and the many other panic effects in the game that run rampant in AR and end up hurting your team.


Micaiah is always worth it. This is a biased statement for my favorite in the series, but dual phase guaranteed follow-ups are for real, the ranged damage reduction is now all movement types, and the added attack and res is just an added benefit. Micaiah’s really, really good.

Sigurd…honestly it depends? If you like him there’s no harm in it. Eliwood is purely player phase offense, but Sigurd has a lot of potential as a Mixed Phase unit thanks to guaranteed follow-ups in both phases and reduction of magical damage. Like Micaiah though, he is a 5* locked unit, so take that into consideration.

Fae is definitely worth it, her support game is really good, but also remember that her +5 is visible buffs. As mentioned above, Panic can ruin it, but Lulls are also really common effects, so her weapon refine isn’t invincible, or as good as B!Lucina. But she’s definitely worth it. Having this much support potential on a common unit is tremendous. If you like Fae, absolutely go for it.

Short answer: if you like them, do it. All their refines are fantastic, they’ll definitely put in work. But no sense building them if they’re not a favorite.


I will say Fae’s weapon has screwed me in Arena because she gave +5 all to an L-Dimitri (I don’t have Lulls on my core due to lack of fodder). But for AR, it’s a liability because of all the Panic running around unless she’s supporting a F-Ike.

Micaiah’s refine is really good. Thani was kinda “eh” aside from the effective damage, so this upgrade is extremely appreciated. It’s a bit iffy on Vantage builds though because she loses the extra stats if her HP falls too low.

Sigurd can probably be run on AR-D like Eliwood but unlike Eliwood NFU screws him and he can’t Galeforce. However he is quite tanky if you whale for him. Seliph makes really good use of it too.

  • Fae > Very good for AA. L!Eliwood good ally since he gives bonus doubler. :feh_edelsmug:

  • Micaiah > Good for AR-O (cavline) ~

  • Sigurd > Good for AR-D ~


I know someone proposed the combination of Fae and Laslow, as she would make activating his weapon easy.


@Thehalohedgehog I didn’t think about that and that’s quite amazing actually…

@Lysithea_is_bestgirl I am sorry for asking but… AA? AR-O? AR-D? And why?

@LadyLuna Dimitry is something to take into account…

@CrystalElemental I like all of them but as a free to play player I try to optimize. I don’t want to invest a lot in a useless unit, you know, even if I like his or her design. However, you went far to explain stuff, so thanks for that :smiley:

@OverpoweredSoap Yeah, I didn’t think in that… visible buffs vs only-in-combat buffs…


Micaiah was always usable, just depended on how much investment you had with her. With her new tome and +7 in Res with +3 in everything else she tanked a Gunnthra with -7 in every stat(Remember her weapon increases with every debuff on the enemy), one shot her in return, and still had enough HP for her tome to be active.

Ignore the tier list. Look at what resources and units you have specifically and build a team(s) around that. You can make even the lowest tier units be pretty good if you play around it right.


Currently working on the next tier list update, so here’s the first draft of the analysis from it. It’s not finalized though. :feh_faedance:


Fae’s Eternal Breath is a phenomenal weapon to provide easy access to visible buffs in most game modes. Unfortunately, Aether Raids is where that most of the time is not the case. The availability of Tactic Skills and Links meant that it is not too difficult for any unit to provide the visible buffs if required. Hence, most of the time a in-combat buff support such as Kaden, Corrin (M) and Brave Lucina is highly preferred over Fae.

The accessibility of the buff can also be a double edged sword if a player is not careful with it due to the susceptibility of Panic. This is rather unfortunate as one of Fae’s preferred builds in the past would be being a Null C-Disrupt tank. With the buffs being permanently present, it can be rather dangerous to keep Fae in that role.

The refined effect is actually the best part of the refinement by providing Fae with effectively 4 ATK/DEF/RES, and on-damage acceleration which gives Fae access to 2 cooldown special retaliation such as Noontime and Glimmer. However, Fae suffers from the same woes as before with dragon weakness and mediocre speed.


Thani is a slightly different Divine Tyrfing, with the main difference being that the damage reduction is applicable to all ranged foes, and the guaranteed follow-up is tied to Micaiah’s own HP rather than her foes. Especially considering Micaiah’s low physical bulk, the damage reduction against all ranged foes (in particular bows and daggers) is greatly welcomed in an Aether Raids Offense context. The prominence of Eliwood as a frontline and the increasing popularity of Brave Edelgard could potentially cement Micaiah’s position as a powerhouse.

The main issue lies in Micaiah’s refined effect being locked into her own HP rather than her foe’s, which the latter is arguably a more consistent effect than what she got. This is especially applicable against units that could retaliate back, which meant that Micaiah would lose her refinement effect in the enemy phase. This would greatly lower Micaiah’s offensive potential. It is the player’s responsibility to consider this shortcoming when building Micaiah.

While her offensive potential does have the above blemish, Micaiah’s application in Aether Raids Defense is undeniable. Before, she is already a decent pick should a player wish to check against potential Armor units, now she remains so (well, except Brave Hector, because he does not follow the rules), and then some due to the guaranteed follow-up effect.


Micaiah . The site hasn’t been updated with her refinement

Speaking of which, they have not updated their analysis of Arvis or Saias yet.


I’d just like to point out the fact that GamePress has not updated the analysis of Micaiah, Arvis, or Saias yet.

I reminded the writers in charge. Hope they will see an update soon.


That’s helpful, thanks. The thing is, I always thought that a +5 to everything to everyone was the good part of her weapon since a +4 to some attributes only to fae didn’t look that nice… but once you think in how prevalent are the debuffs in this game, yeah, it’s easy to change opinion.

@AniCre001 I have some problems with the tier list, I honestly DON’T believe that Brunnya is tier 1 at all. I never even see her in battle, few people uses her in my ranks and she is a free to play unit, one would think that if she is that good, she would appear more often in the raids. But nope, or at least, not in my experience.

However, IN GENERAL the tier lists in the site are a decent guide, not perfect, but decent, to guess the powerlevel of every unit. If a unit is really good in the competitive modes, it’s probably good in general. Most of the tier 1 units are really, really powerful or really useful.

I always try to use my brain but when doubts assault me, the site’s tier list is my first option to solve it and this forum, the second one.

The confusing thing is that Fae is neither a good support (visible buffs ain’t that great) nor a good combat unit (dragon, stats are suboptimal, weapon effect is decent but not groundbreaking). That is why Fae is probably the weakest of the bunch at least in the context of AR.

For any other game modes though, a +0 5 star Fae will carry you far. This is especially true when limited hero battles and arena assault are a thing.

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In what AR Tier are you though

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While I personally don’t think Bunny should be tier one, she does deserve to be pretty close. She isn’t gamebreaking by any means, unlike many of the tier 1s, but she can cause chaos pretty easily and being able to absorb chills away from allies and use them to your advantage is a very good ability.

Personally I’d put her at tier 1.5, but that’s just me. She doesn’t have the offense power unlike many tier 1 units but she’s got good offensive stats, a great res stat, and being able to support allies with her chill nullification makes her great.


Which writers are in charge?

Twenty is my rank usually. I don’t know what’s the common ranking for free to play people, but I don’t try too hard… I don’t think in blessings and legendary heroes, because I change teams often and that would force me to waste a lot of blessings… I am getting to the point where I have too many blessings stored but I am still not there in my opinion.

I lack many of the most common units in the mode too, like leif (the archer cavalry), chrom (the blue archer), and my only fairy is peony… everyone is using fairies nowdays as dancers.

I have a good combination however with legendary azura, ninja lyn, harmonic tiki, mila to try to neutralize some enemy dancers and flayn or brave veronica… brave edelgard, eliwood, reinhard and brave celica as common alternatives…

I remember that time when surtr was able to carry my entire team XD, now I can’t use him anymore, I am wiped out as soon as I try to defend surtr.

Short answers are not my thing, I am sorry.

That’s probably where some of the misconception for good AR Units come from.
You see T20 in AR is still pretty much pleb region, I myself are in T19-20 and I don’t see mega meta stuff too, since in that Tier you simply don’t have to tryhard that much, it’s pretty easy to get into T20 with minimal effort.
But stuff like T24 and higher is where you see pretty common AR meta Units and that’s where you slowly get to understand how meta gaming in AR works.
While I don’t agree with Tier List placements myself, there’s a reason why certain Units are in that high of a Tier in some degree.

lord is in charge of Micaiah. Naz is in charge of Arvis and Saias. :feh_faedance: